#1 thing you should do when you return home from vacation!

Yes, you should do these things as soon as you get home from vacation!

#1 Un-Pack as soon as you get home!

Yes, this is something we do as soon as we get home. As soon as we are done hugging out kitties, we unpack our bags ASAP!

I know you are tired when you get home from vacation, but unpack everything and put it in the washing machine asap! Start the wash and pour yourself a drink while you wait to finish!

We put everything that is washable in the washing machine in there. Including anything, we didn’t wear and packing cubes! Wash them asap!

Put your suitcase & bags outside!

Once you take everything out that can be washed, put that bag OUTSIDE!

Leave it outside for at least 24 hours. In Wisconsin, during the winter months, you can FREEZE anything that needs to die! If it’s warm where you are, leave it out in the SUN! Rotate in the sun after a few hours. The sun will kill anything.

Spray anything hard surface with disinfectant.

We also spray it down with some disinfectant. Also, spraying down our shoes, toiletry bag, headphones, etc. You can also spray your suitcase too! As things can hide in the dark crevasses.

Anything we cannot wash with soap and water.

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Wash water bottles travel mugs, etc, in hot soapy water!

Place all these things in the sink ASAP! Wash then when you get a chance in hot soapy water! Kill those germs!

Take your vitamins & drink plenty of water!

I take vitamins with every trip, but don’t always keep on them. But, as soon as I get home I make sure to take Vitamine C, Airbourne and Echinacea, and Elderberry.

Also, keep your water intake HIGH! Staying hydrating while you travel and when you return will help you feel better! Traveling takes a lot out of you, more than you think! Take care of yourself!

Take a few days off after vacation!

Plan at least TWO days after your vacation to recoup! Traveling is tiring! Especially by plane! Use these days to sleep in, drink that water and take care of yourself. This way you will be back to work rested and ready to kick some ass!

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