10 Random Things I Just Can’t Live Without!

As someone who loves the outdoors, traveling, and Wisconsin, I’ve come to realize that there are some things I can’t live without. Here are 10 of them!

Coffee is for sure my #1!

Every morning I wake up and the day doesn’t start well or happy without a cup of coffee! And Just Coffee Co is the only coffee I will drink! Even when we are camping we can’t go without it! Check out our favorite ways to make coffee here!

2. Lip Balm

Since I was a kid I have had dry lips! It’s taken me a lot of lip balms to finally find one that works for me! Mario Badescu Moisturizing Lip Balm is the best one I have found. Doesn’t taste bad, moisturizes enough that you don’t have to re-apply very often. LOVE!

3. Berkey Water Filtration System

With a cat that’s had to get surgery for bladder stones, we didn’t want to keep buying water, so we invested in a good water filtration system. Especially since our apartment is a hundred-year-old home, with rusty pipes and iron in the water. Plus, the Berkey Water Filtration filters can last for YEARS, not just months! Which is amazing!

4. Large Mason Jars

This one may sound odd, but I have two 32 oz mason jars that I use for water glasses at home. It helps me drink more water. And I wash them more often than my water bottle!

5. Scarf or Pashmina

A scarf is something that I have with me 98% of the time! As someone who is always chilly, I stuff one in my purse wherever we go! I have one pashmina that works perfectly as a wrap when I need it!

6. Tacos

Yup, that needs to be on this list! I crave tacos daily, and must eat them at least a few times a month! Find the Best Tacos in Madison Here! When we celebrate we walk to El Rio here in Stoughton!

7. Leggings

No matter what I am doing, traveling, working from home, shooting sessions, or hiking! Girlfriend Collective is the best leggings I have found! They are made from recycled bottles and you can send your ruined ones in for a discount on new ones!

8. Vanilla Syrup

A few years ago our favorite creamer company closed, so we searched for a new creamer for our coffee. But, sadly we couldn’t find one we liked. Then I found the the Pink House Alcemy Vanilla Syrup. You just need a teaspoon with a little bit of whole milk and it makes my morning even more delicious! You can stop into Grasshopper Goods to get one yourself OR try another flavor!

9. CBD

Charlottes Web CBD is how I get through the most stressful of days, weeks or years! Also, how I have gotten to finally sleep well at night. I take 25MG CBD OIL LIQUID CAPSULES every night and on the super stressful days. It also helps me relax enough to STOP clenching my jaw, which is caused by high stress.

I started out with the oil, then the gummies to work my way up to 25mg. I HIGHLY suggest starting out small and seeing where you need to go.

10. Plants

Yup, I freaking love plants. Always have! I am not the best plant mom, but I do my best! I tested myself with purchasing a Fiddle Leaf Fig last summer and seeing if I could keep it alive through the winter! And YES I DID! YAY!