10 YEARS | Our Story

10 year anniversary, what a rad adventure!

In 2009 I started a job at Hilltop Pub and Grill in Stevens Point Wisconsin. There I met a very cute boy who worked in the kitchen. He was a little shy, a pretty big dork, but cute! Our first conversation was about strippers. Yes, for some random reason I and a co-worker were talking about strippers. I asked him his thoughts on the subject. Haha!

A few weeks later I was out having a few drinks with some friends, and got enough courage to text Justin. How did I get his number? Well, I asked a co-worker to get it from the employee list at work … haha yup! He had no idea who I was when I texted. But, after talking a bit a I found out he was out too with some friends. So I decided to go to him. We got to talking, dancing and a little bit of kissing. After a few real dates we made it official.

It was so old school going on real dates it was kind of awesome!

Before him, I was in an abusive relationship. The real dates and going slow was exactly what I needed. Justin and I had long conversations about past relationships, a lot of these talks ended with me crying. Crying because I was terrified of what he would think of me, and it was so great to just let it all out. It was how a healthy relationship should start! Justin knew my full story, the good and the ugly. Yet, he never looked at me with judgment, just listened and held me while I cried.

Through the past 10 years, we’ve lived in 3 cities, 5 apartments, survived a life-threatening kitty surgery and grown a full-time photography business. All while by each others side. We are far from perfect, but this beautiful messy life we call ours is pretty damn awesome!

For our 10 year anniversary, we are in Washington State, hiking, drinking by a fire and glamping! The first time we blocked out a week during the busy season for just us. We turned down weddings, sessions, and even friends invitations. This year we will not be working on our anniversary, and saying no was the best feeling ever!


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