It’s easier than you think to go plastic free!

I have always been conscious of the environment, but in the last year, we’ve taken small steps to be plastic free in our daily lives. And it is WAY easier and WAY cheaper than you think! It’s also super easy to start small and go from there!


That nearly 8 millions tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually??? This could be from the wind, careless people or literally dumped by companies.

Multiple whales have died with DOZENS of pounds of plastic in their stomachs? It is highly possible that they died due to this!

These facts are due to mainly plastic bags! Which brings us to the #1 way you can go plastic free!

1. Purchase your own reusable bag! Perfect for groceries, the farmers market & everyday shopping! They make super cute canvas ones LIKE THIS ONE! 

We have a TON of reusable bags, all in different sizes! Some fit perfect in my purse for impromptu shopping trips, others are large enough to fit most of our groceries in ONE BAG! The large ones are also water resistant & handmade with recycled tarps & 2nd hand fabric! You can purchase these from my sister HERE!

2. Stainless steel straws! We rarely use straws anymore when we go out, if we can help it. But, while we are at home and want a straw we have these different size ones! If you are having a party and want some straws for your guest I recommend paper straws or avocado straws!

Even if you don’t have these straws you can go without when you are out to eat, just say NO STRAW 🙂 Super easy! We are happy when we see places NOT give us a straw, they are unnecessary! Yet, do you need to stir your drink?  You can ask for a spoon to stir as you drink, I do this all the time!

3. Bamboo Toothbrushes! On average a person will throw away 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. That is nearly 90 million! WHOA! I did a little bit of research on eco-friendly toothbrushes and the bamboo ones seemed perfect! No need to mail them in like others, and it will biodegrade naturally! WE LOVE THEM! They are numbered so you can keep yours safely away from other mouths 🙂

4. Reusable coffee mug for your coffee on the go! The one pictured is from Groovy Gifts! These can easily be personalized for the best gift! One that we love when we want our coffee to stay HOT we use our RTIC one!

5. Water Bottle! Another one that is super easy to do! We drink so much water that I have to have a water bottle with me at all times! My go to is the Nalgene one! They come in fun colors & designs! On HOT wedding days, we use our SWELL waterbottle to keep our water ice cold! Again, they come in all kinds of colors and styles!


Bamboo travel dinnerware! I have gifted a set for Christmas from my sister, but you can find set HERE! We keep these in my hiking pack and purse to be used when needed! This way you can limit the plastic spoons with ice cream, forks for your salad at the airport, and more!