We’ve eaten tacos all over Madison and have found the best places to get tacos in the area!

Have you been searching for the best tacos in Madison, WI? Tacos are by far my favorite thing to eat! As you can have nearly anything in a taco shell! You can have tacos for breakfast OR dinner! Nothing is better than a taco unless you ask Justin! He will say that Burritos are better!

Another reason I love tacos is you can eat two or up to 6 or more! This is also the reason why Justin prefers burritos! I have found the best tacos in Madison, while Justin is still searching for the best burrito!

First, these are in no order as I adore these places for very different reasons! As I will tell you!


224 Ohio Ave, Madison, WI 53704 | open: Mon – Thurs | 3 pm Fri – Sun | 11:30 am

We’ve heard a lot about this place, so we finally went last November! It is a low-key place on the East Side of Madison. The Blatz sign lights the way just off Atwood Avenue! When you walk in, you will seat yourself at the bar or find a table if you are lucky. We quickly learned how popular this place was when we arrived! Ohio Tavern was buzzing with people!

We got lucky at the bar for a seat, ordered some whiskey, and perused that menu. I was so excited to eat all the tacos! Since then, we’ve tried 1/2 the menu! And we have to say ALL THE TACO ARE DELICIOUS! Justin loved that the tacos were actually spicy!

Do yourself a favor and head to Ohio Tavern right now and try a taco yourself! The bartenders are laid back, make decent drinks, and have a great beer menu!

These have won so far as the best tacos in Madison, WI!


464 N Midvale Blvd, Madison, WI 53705 | 11 am – late
open daily

Bartaco has an AMAZING selection of tacos, some traditional, and for your foodie friend! I loved that their guacamole was a little spicy! You order on a piece of paper that you had to your server! I love this as you know your order will be correct!

The servers also don’t bother you often, but they check on you and are there if you need anything! Like when you need another margarita! OH, and yourself a favor and order one! They are SOOOOO GOOD!


You may not think that this place has a taco place, well it’s not. Tipsy Cow is our go-to place for a quick bite! You walk in, and you are welcomed by an employee to get seated. If they are busy, get a spot at the bar or take a walk around the capital while you wait for them to text you!

They have delicious taco places, and one night a week, they have the BEST FISH TACOS! They are PBR Battered, and oooh, so good! So if you are looking for fish tacos, go here! They also have great drink specials and a lengthy beer menu!


El Grito Taco Truck is the main reason we go to any Madison Night Market! You can check out where their truck is parked online; otherwise, you can hire them for your event! We had them at two of your weddings in 2019!

You may have to wait in line for these delicious tacos, but the wait is SOOO WORTH IT! They have the best brisket tacos I have ever eaten!

A Bit outside Madison! But WORTH IT!

El Rio Grande in Stoughton WI

524 West Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

open Tuesday-Sunday

As we live in Stoughton, this place is our #1 place to go! Whenever we celebrate something, we head to El Rio! Justin gets a burrito, trying all of them to see which is his favorite! I always get two beef tacos with rice! And of course, we always get a margarita on the rocks! YUM! This is worth the short drive out of Madison for sure!