Which is better the movie or the books, The Hunger Games addition!

I have not become obsessed with reading nearly every book that was made into a movie! I read Jurassic Park books recently and they fill in so many blanks! So is the Hunger Games books better than the movie??? Yes and No!

They are nor better than each other or worse! Each have their pros and cons! Yet, reading the books is a MUST! And if you have have watched the movie you MUST read the books!

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Why is reading and watching Hunger Games a must?

The same reason why reading Jurassic Park books is a MUST read if you love the movies! The Hunger Games Books fill in some blanks I was wondering. Also, it makes you like Katniss more! There are so many things the movies don’t tell you about their relationship!

Hunger Games is more about love and life than anything!

You cannot run away from fate in this movie. Things that happened were meant to happen! Panam was always meant to fall. The love of Katniss and Peeta was always supposed to happen. Fate will always find a way.

Why is the Hunger Games a must-watch after reading the books?

  • The casting is amazing! While reading the book I was trying to imagine if the actors fit the parts. And YES, so much so! The casting was beautifully done!
  • The cinematography! This movie has beautiful moments of no dialog that was so beautifully filmed. The shocks alert you to the 1st look of the mocking jay rebellion. The music that makes you feel the ominousness of it all.
  • More points of view! The book is from Katniss’s point of view fully. In the movie, you get to see the emotions of the Game Makers, Haymitch and Snow.
  • The action! This brings all the fight scenes in the book to life, which is SO AMAZING! Especially if you are an action movie lover like I am!

Why are the Hunger Games books a must-read after watching the movies?

  • The love between Katniss and Peeta wasn’t there! You see that she was stuck in a love triangle of sorts between Peeta and Gale. But, what you don’t know from the movie is that the love angle was all Peetas idea. He wanted a way to keep Katniss safe, alive. Also, playing it up for the camera was all Haymitches idea.
  • They don’t end up together in the books! Peeta and Katniss do not end up happily ever after in the book. Or at least it ends with you wondering
  • More in-depth look at Katniss! You get to know her better! Know why she is so closed off and strong for those around her.
  • You get to learn how Haymitch became a Victor! This was what I love learning most! You get to know exactly how he won! He outsmarted the others! This is also how you learn why he’s a drunk! It’s how he copes!
  • You learn a bit about the living of people in the Captial! You get a look at how they are dealing with the beginning of the uprising before Katniss does.