Current Summer Reading List & Life Update

Well, it’s been a crazy start to the Summer! We jumped full force into wedding season at Natural Intuition Photography! We’ve photographed some families, brands, and couples over the past month or so. It’s been a whirlwind of fun that is for sure!

We also had a major scare with Mylo after a camping trip over Memorial Weekend! We came home after three nights away to a nearly dead cat! Took him to the vet early Tuesday Morning. They checked him out, took his blood, and gave him 8 hours of fluids. As we waited for his blood tests to come back we brought him home. Watched him overnight and took him back early Wednesday for more fluids.

Found out he had an infection of sorts, so we went home with antibiotics! A week went by where we were TERRIFIED and trying to get him to eat, making sure he was using the litter and breathing. He is now back to his old self and we couldn’t be happier!

Otis also went through a rough course terrified for his brother, so we had to keep an eye on him too! As we think he was overstressed. He stopped eating normally and he is a bit depressed. But, daily getting back to normal with us making sure he’s plenty loved and Mylo is back to his rad self!

With everything happening with Mylo I took time away from reading and thinking about this blog! I am back at it, and happy to share all the rad books I’ve been reading!

REMINDERS OF HIM by Colleen Hoover

I have been wanting to read Colleen Hoover’s books for a while now since they have so many raving reviews! Reminders of Him is a beautiful story of a Mom wanting redemption. I didn’t want to put the book down and was rooting for her throughout the whole thing! MUST READ!

THE UNHONEYMOONERS by Christina Lauren

A book about a girl who is forced to go on her Sisters honeymoon with her brother in laws best friend! A crazy turn of events brought them together, having the best vacation she’s ever had. The Unhoneymooners is a super cute love story that is perfect for your vacation read!

BIG SUMMER by Jennifer Weiner

This is a must-read for women wanting to feel beautiful this Summer! It’s a story about friendship and forgiveness during a crazy wedding in Cape Cod! Big Summer is a lovely story every woman should read!


Wanting to spend her thirtieth birthday alone writing her story, but a surprise visitor is her roommate for the duration. I could see myself in this story and One Night on the Island is a beautiful and super sweet love story!

BEACH READ by Emily Henry

This book was on so many recommended lists, and I have to say if you have been wanting to pick it up. Get it from the Library and don’t waste your money! Or take it on your vacation and leave it for the next person. It’s not the best or the worst book I’ve read, but Beach Read is skippable!


Another book that people have been saying is a MUST READ and it’s a quick read of a woman who just wanted the fairytale marriage! Along with a successful career! The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a fun love story that will break your heart and ache for your own love story!

VERITY by Colleen Hoover

Just WOW! Verity is a book you will NOT want to put down! It has so many twists and turns and makes you feel so many things! Pick it up now and you WILL NOT REGRET IT!

UGLY LOVE by Collen Hoover

Another masterpiece by Colleen Hoover! Ugly Love is a tragic and heartwarming love story! A story that will pull at so many feelings in your soul! A book that would make an amazing movie!

ONE by ONe by Ruth Mares

What to say about this one… I wanted to stop reading it so much! It took me more than halfway through to actually start liking it. But, it took too long to get good! But One by One will keep you guessing and it would make a spooky movie that is for sure!

ANXIOUS PEOPLE by Fredrik Backman

If you’ve read his books before you know they are a bit different. This one is about a bank robbery but not a bank robbery. Anxious People is a great book that makes you feel differently about people and reminds you that you should treat everyone with respect and kindness. No matter what!

WAIT FOR IT by Jenn McKinlay

Another one of those books that people said was a must-read, but just like Beach Read, this one is passable! I knew exactly how it was going to end and the love story was predictable. But, if you are looking for a quick vacation read, pick Wait for It up!