It’s that time of year! School is getting out soon, and you’re planning your Memorial Weekend and Summer Camping trips! Family camping can be stressful, but my sister and I are here to help! Below you will find a little checklist that my sister made of what she takes, hope it helps you out!

Also, here are some tips for your summer camping with your kids:

  • PRINT THE CHECKLIST BELOW! Add things that are a must bring for your family – double check that lists a few dozen times while packing!
  • PACK EARLY! This can be done with the big things, like, tent, sleeping bags & pads, books, hammock, ect. Packing these things in a Large Tote makes it easier for packing in and out.
  • PLAN YOUR MEALS by DAY! If you are a meal planner this is easy! But, if you are not, make a plan for what you will eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner! This includes what you’ll snack on! And keep this list handy!
  • MAKE SURE ALL YOUR GEAR FITS! Make sure all large items fit in your vehicle! These things include the totes, coolers and food boxes.
  • HAVE A PAPER MAP! This helps if you run out of service! You can get these SUPER CHEAP from gas stations, or free at waysides! You can also highlight the route you’ll take, along with pit stops just in case also!
  • MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN WORKING CONDITION! This goes for camping stoves, and sleeping pads! Make sure you have enough fuel & no holes in those pads!
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Ask mom/dad 1st, stay together & have fun, be respectful to fellow campers & the earth

The biggest thing to remember is that it is all trial and error! Have fun and keep camping!

My Sisters Wish list:

Insta-tent would be nice to reduce tent set up/take down time, especially with younger children, SoloStove or BioLite camp stove so we are no longer dependent on propane & would also work when we start backcountry camping/backpacking. OakiWear rain suits for the kids so rain is always FUN and dry!