COVID Friendly Ways to go Eco-Friendly

Sustainability During COVID: Eco-Friendly Tips

Being Eco Friendly during Covid sometimes feels like a losing battle! We were all so hopeful when lockdowns happened and nature was reborn! But, now all we see are disposable masks everywhere! They are being found wrapped around animals, in our oceans, in the parking lots and fields. But there are simple ways for Sustainability During COVID!

There is so much more garbage right now due to Covid and these simple steps could help today!


We are eating out more and more! Mostly to help small businesses to stay open! But, also because it is easy to get tired of cooking at home. Or you just want a simple and easy date night!

It is SUPER easy to say NO THANK YOU to the plastic dinnerware they give you. Use your own from home, or some amazing dinnerware you can keep in your car!

Here are my faves:

When it comes to napkins, we have some cloth ones we like to keep in the car.


When it comes to grocery shopping, a lot of stores still aren’t allowing you to use your own bags. But, there is a SUPER easy solution to this!

Have them put the groceries right back in your cart! Yup, just like what Aldi and Costco do! You can use boxes from the store that you can easily recycle. Or you can pack the groceries right in your car!

Stop using those pesky produce plastic bags!

  • Buy produce online at Imperfect Produce (link will save you $20$) Not only are you saving product from the landfill, but most comes without plastic!
  • Shop local farmers! Now that it’s getting warmer, local farmers are opening up stands! Just search for local farmers’ markets and stands!


I highly encourage you to ditch the disposable ones! There are amazing reusable cloth masks! Most have a pocket for a filter! Giving you the layers that you need to stay safe and healthy! Reusable facemasks are key right now for Sustainability During COVID!!

Check out my blog on my go to face masks!

Disposable masks everywhere! They are being found wrapped around animals, in our oceans, in the parking lots and fields.

REMEMBER: when you are wearing a mask to wear them properly! Over the nose and a tight fit all around.




You can fully ditch plastic shavers today! Safety razors were scary to me before I found the Leaf Shaver! I have had this shaver for two-plus years and only had to change the razors TWICE!

Amazing way for Sustainability During COVID even if you have not real reason to shave your legs!

The Environmental Protection Agency once estimated that 2 billion razors and refill blades get tossed out in the U.S. each year. 


Skin Care for Sustainability During COVID

Period Care

  • Period Underwear – SO MUCH EASIER THAN YOU’D THINK! I never wanted to use a Diva Cup or something similar. So I tried period underwear and never looked back.

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Whenever we go grocery shopping I see so many people buying bottles of water! Unless you need special water for plants or humidifiers STOP BUYING ASAP! Especially if you want Sustainability During COVID!!


  • Reusable Water Bottles:
    • Nalgene has a WIDE variety of BPA-free bottles!
    • Hydro Flask is another amazing bottle! Perfect for long trips! Your water will stay cold!
    • Klean Kanteen is Justin’s Favorite! Also, amazing at keeping it ice cold!

Water doesn’t taste good? Get a water filtration system at home!

  • Target has some amazing options depending on budget. The only thing I don’t like about most filters, they are SUPER hard to recycle! If you know where I can recycle them comment below!
  • Berkley – this is one we have been looking at for a while! I have heard nothing but good things!

I hope these tips help!

Remember that you don’t to be a perfect eco warrior! But, small steps at least monthly help in a big way!

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