December Reading List, the Good the Bad & Horrible


My morning routine is breakfast with coffee and a book. Along with a warm blanket and kitty cuddles! I have devised a morning routine that makes the start of the day even better! How busy work has been, has allowed me to stay more level-headed!

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Where do I buy most of my books? Facebook Marketplace! Yep! Great place to save some Monday and get some books! Along with being a bit more eco-friendly!

December and a bit of November were a bit book month for me! I read a lot! Some of them are amazing, some of them I am not sure why I kept reading! There were even times I started da book and put it back down. Those I am not sharing here, though! As I may come back to them and try again, I may just have not been in the mood for them.

December Reading List, Must Read Books

A Stranger in the House

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I am a fan of Shari Lapena, and her books are always fast reads that keep you entertained! This was the one that had me guessing more than the others I have read of hers. It’s a quick read for mystery lovers!

The Perfect Girlfriend

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This one was interesting and annoying. It was also sad how much this girl wanted to be the perfect girlfriend. I don’t suggest this one, but it’s not horrible!

The Guest List

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A lot of people recommended me this one. This one was beautifully written. I could see it as a movie while I read it. And the mystery level was GREAT! It keeps you guessing! Must read for sure!

Night Road

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I am a major fan of Kristen Hannah, everything she rights is golden! This one was hard to put down! I cried a lot, and I am embarrassed to admit it! The ending is beautiful and says a lot about forgiveness!

The Silent Patient

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This was another one that many people recommended, so I was excited to pick it up. Sadly I do not think it was worth all the hype. I found it hard to put down, but it wasn’t as good as people led me to believe.


What can I say about this one … it keeps you guessing for sure. The biggest thing that I couldn’t get over was how it was written. It was written in a male chauvinist way that I hated with a passion. Maybe it bothered me because the book was written from the point of view of a woman. It’s an ok book.

The Hate You Give

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This book also made me cry. We’ve all had this book for the last two years that could have quickly been talking about it. Even though it was written years before, this is a must-read of every human, from Teenage to Grandparents!

Summer Island

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Another excellent Kristen Hannah book! This one is a beautiful and painful love story! That made me cry like a bit of baby way too many times! Do you see a theme? Kristen Hannah knows how to pull on the heartstrings for sure!

Firefly Lane

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First, if you have seen the Netflix version of this book, the book is nothing like the series! Well, little bits, but not much! While I read the book, I was waiting for things to happen in the series that didn’t happen in the book. If you like the series, read the book! It will give you insight into the characters and why they made the series the way they did!

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