DoppBart Kitchen

The best reason to rent an apartment in Madison Wisconsin

When Justin and I were trying to find a new apartment in Madison, I had two things that were a must! A bigger kitchen and a deck. As soon as I saw the kitchen in this apartment, I got super giddy!

Our last apartment had a closet as a kitchen. Every time I went to go cook I got depressed. It was probably the reason why we ate out more. There was very little counter space and one of the smallest sinks.

Our current apartment is a DREAM!

I never thought I wanted a big kitchen, but now that I have a bigger one I freaking LOVE it! We haven’t lived here for a year yet, but man I love decorating this room! That rad Darth Vader oil painting is by my rad friend Ren from Studio 29 Photography and House Fur! Those stools were bought at a thrift store that we sanded down and spray painted. That plan is from Aldi’s where I cannot wait to find a new home for! Oh, and the beer is from our favorite Wisconsin Brewery, Central Waters.

I will be sharing bits and pieces of our apartment all year, and I cannot wait to share it all with you!