#DoppBartHome | Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is always evolving. It’s our safe haven. Where I sometimes work from bed. Along, with where we spend most of our lives!

It was awesome when our apartment painted a wall for us, and of course we picked the bedroom. I wanted a dark wall to create a mood, along with being able to style it. I picked the darkest of all the colors we could choose from. Plus, it was the only color close to grey 🙂

Our apartment is a mix of bo-ho and 100 shades of grey. Grey is the calmest color to us. Allowing us to have fun with color with pillow covers and wall art. It spills a bit of both of our personalities. The kitchen wall has Justin’s Marine shadow boxes next to prints of our travels. The bedroom has snapshots of our lives all over. The mirror has images of my nice and nephews and Justin’s Marine photo. Along, a few film cameras and of course a candle is always burning!

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There are PILES of books of mine too! I am always reading a book or three. I buy the ones I know I will read over and over, or just on impulse. As soon as I finish the ones I have piled up I will be getting a library card, finally!

I have been also, adding more and more plants to our bedroom. All the plants are air purifying! Which is a perfect compliment to the air purifier we use when our windows aren’t open. Which our windows are always open when the weather outside is beautiful!

Bedroom Style on a Budget, Small Space Design
Bedroom Style on a Budget, Small Space Design, Parabos Press, Film Cameras
Bedroom Style on a Budget, Small Space Design, Plant Lady