Print your photos!

first – I DID NOT get paid for this blog! I just love this company so much! And believe in printing your photos! I may get some money towards future purchases if you use the link below though!

You would think as photographers we would be great at printing our photos, but you’d be wrong! We have photos on our computer from YEARS of travel, that have not yet been printed. BUT, thankful that we learned about Parabo Press! (use code AXJXKA to save $10)

You can print photos right from Instagram!

Yes, you read that right! You can pick photos from your feed! This is what totally won me over! As some photos were so old I didn’t have the hard drive they were on handy. I have been working at making it a habit to print monthly, then put them in a scrap book. No need to make it fancy, just write the dates and a small story next to it or location. That’s all you need really! I will keep you updated if I stay as good as I have been!

We have photos in every room in the apartment! I love that I can walk into every room and relive so many happy moments! You took that photo for a reason, relive it in real life! NOT just on your phone or social media!

Do you remember when Facebook & Instagram Crashed?

Yea, that crazy day that we all thought the world was ending! Did you freak out!? Imagine that happening to you photos, your photos are wiped clean, your memories gone! PRINT THEM! Get them off your screens!

As a photographer I am also worried about my computer crashing. This is the equivalent to my house burning down and all my memories gone! But, they are my clients too! So along with printing your photos back them up digitally too! Put them on a second hard drive and then place it in a fire box! If you want to go even farther, back them up online too! I have all mine backed up in two different places online and two different hard drives! Better safe than sorry!

Your memories are worth being backed up AND printed!