Favorite Adventure Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration for the Outdoors! (And MORE!)

These Adventure Instagram Accounts inspire me to be a better human, better for the environment, I get to travel from my bedroom and get cooking tips! Along with so much more! These outdoor adventure Instagram’s will fill you with wanderlust for sure!


best adventure instagram accounts

I randomly came upon these two amazing humans while watching videos on Facebook! Kara and Nate on @karaandnate is an extension of their Facebook mini videos and their extended videos on YouTube!

Whenever I see their videos I wish we could be friends, you will notice I may say that about everyone on this list. They travel the world after selling all their things. First planning to only visit 100 countries! Then they started to make it a living traveling! AWESOME RIGHT!?

If you make it to their website, you will find this is also a unique place! They wanted others to know how they also could do what they do. So they share their Income Reports! Freaking love how transparent they are about everything!

They also travel a lot like Justin and I like to. Yes, the touristy places are great. We love to see where the locals go and play! Go and follow and you won’t regret it!


best adventure instagram accounts

I wish I could remember how I found these two, but I LOVE every single one of their posts. Sadly they lost their adventure kitty, an adorable little fluff ball that loved adventure as much as her humans!

@bound.for.nowhere travels the county in their amazing rig! Their posts are adventure and education-filled. Where ever they go they also spend a lot of their time cleaning up the planet. This account inspires me daily!


best adventure instagram ,best camping instagram accounts

I found @gondirtin while following @bound.for.nowhere! This account will have you jealous daily that your camping meals aren’t good enough! The kitchen that is in the back of their right is freaking RAD! Now that we have a good camping stove, I cannot wait to attempt some of their recipes.

They also have TWO adorable pups that love adventure just as much as their humans! Along with good food and adventure, the photography is stunning!


best adventure instagram accounts

I found this new adventure instagram Account recently and have loved watching their new adventure! @ourmixedjourney recently downsized their home to a van and I cannot wait to see the adventures they do!

I simply LOVE that they share the hikes they do! Since I am always doing research on new hikes all over the world. This Instagram account is adding so many pins to my google map!


best adventure instagram accounts

I met this amazing humans a few years ago at a photography workshop! When I first met Wyn I just knew he was a kind soul who was made for big things!

When I saw that he started @pattiegonia I freaked out, in the best way possible! Love watching him break out of this shell! Letting us all know the outdoors are for all! And Mother Nature is beautiful and we need to help make her better!

Pattiegonia is a major advocate for all humans and the environment! She holds many hikes in full drag and it’s freaking amazing! Go to her page and give her a follow! It will make your soul so happy you did so!


best adventure instagram accounts

Not only is she a killer photographer for The Hearnes alongside her husband, she is a major advocate. I have learned so much from her personal Instagram. All of which have made me a better human, advocate and photographer!

@abbihearne Instagram no only had killer photography, she shares her pup, travels, and education of so many kinds! Along with the not much-seen side of Vanlife! They also have a killer rig that if we went on the road full time, their rid would be one we’d want!

I simply love how their wanderlust helped make a life of business and life! A beautiful balance that isn’t perfect, but freaking awesome!