Hey, Y’all, I am Christine, the main photographer, owner, and founder of Natural Intuition Photography. I am the voice and face behind Our Madison Life.

Justin is the ever-amazing partner who photographs alongside me. It gives me a shoulder to cry on and loves me unconditionally. Sometimes I feel like people don’t get to know the hearts behind a brand. They see their photos, read the bios, and check out their social media. But do they really get to know the human behind it all? So I am going to spill five real truths about me!

1 // Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to own my own business. 

I used to sit on my parent’s computer and type, just type, no actual words. Typing my important business paper, then gave them to my invisible secretary. I even had fake contracts that I would have my family and friends sign. This image of me sitting at my parent’s computer is always in my mind, reminding me that I am on the right path.

I followed the dream I had before I even knew it was possible.

2 // I left a horribly abusive relationship before living with my sister in Scandinavia Wisconsin. 

This was a truth I really didn’t think I ever wanted to share with the mass public. But this made me who I am today.

This relationship lasted longer than it should of. It was building from a controlling one to a verbally and emotionally abusive one. I was afraid to find a job, worried that he would think I wanted to work there to drink and flirt. I left the relationship when it was starting to get physical. To this day, it terrifies me to think about the life I thought was OK. 

There are times I think of what I would be like if I hadn’t had that relationship but always come back to the conclusion, it made me stronger and more vulnerable. Vulnerable in a good way!

3 // I hate to lie. 

When I was younger, I would lie constantly. Sometimes about the dumbest things! I would always get caught in the lie and get in trouble. I don’t even know why I thought it was a good idea!

There became a time in my life when I was just tired of lying, having to remember who I told that lie to—and tired of the pain when people found out the truth. I hated lying and hate when people lie. Being honest when it comes to clients. I am sincere when it comes to creatives when they ask me business questions.

4 // I really hate to shower – but love to at the same time. 

The process of showering is tedious, and you have to change, pick out clothes, dry your hair, shave, and put on makeup.

BUT – I love how I feel when I shower! Freshly washed hair, I walk with an extra pep in my step, and I feel so awake. It’s a constant struggle I go through daily. I am usually ending in me not leaving the house and wearing the same leggings 2+ days in a row.

5 // I am addicted to cardigans and sweatshirts.

I have SO MANY cardigans and sweatshirts in my closet. My all-time favorites are from Target, Lake Effect Co, and Wondery!

6 // I have suffered from depression and anxiety since High School.

I grew up as a pretty chubby kid and was made fun of. I was called squishy, soft to hug, and fatso. That mixed in with an awful, abusive relationship, my emotions can get a little out of wack.

Meaning I get sad often, don’t want to be around people, seclude myself into myself, and do not want to leave the apartment. This has caused me to lose friends because I don’t always know how to act around people. And say the wrong things ultimately. But, it has also allowed me to find the friends that loved me for me, extra pounds, and ugly cries.

It has also allowed me to love more, care more, and see the side of people that they might hide. People have bad days and ugly pasts. But that is what makes us who we are. It is also what we hide from people.

We are all fighting a hidden battle and kindness should be shown to the ugliest moments, because you never know what they are battling.

The above are some truths that I don’t talk about or think people really need to know about me. But I want people to understand me a little more.

I am so thankful for the friends that are there to listen when I need them, a family who loves me no matter what. And a fantastic career I have wanted since I was a kid. A job where I can wear the same leggings two days in a row and not shower if I don’t want to.

The crazy path I took to this place in my life is what made me who I am and brought so many amazing people into my life. And if someone reads this and sees that they are not alone, there is someone out there that made it past those obstacles and grew from them.

life is a crazy beautiful mess – but it’s the path we have to take to an amazing life.