Gift Guide for the Car Camper in Your life!

The raddest thing about car camping is you aren’t as limited with what you can bring! You can travel in style and all the accessories! This list has everything from snacks to tents!

What is car camping?

Car camping is when you go on a road trip and plan to camp the whole time or most of it! You bring everything you need to camp, you can even bring a full kitchen! You could be going thousands of miles or just down the road. You can either be sleeping in a tent on the ground, or in a tent on your vehicle.

Car camping is the BEST as you aren’t limited to what you can bring! As long as you can fit it in your car!

First, before you go any further! Look local before going online to the big box store! Also, remember shopping locally at that bigger store keeps the money local and local shops open!

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REI Co-op Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

image from REI

When it comes to sleeping on the ground or in your vehicle, you want the closest thing to a bed. This mat is the most comfortable one we’ve found! You’ll wake up well-rested!

4-Person SundomeĀ® Dome Camping Tent

4-Person SundomeĀ® Dome Camping Tent

There are a lot of amazing tents out there, ranging from under $100 to $400+. This Coleman has been with us since 2017, from Northern Minnesota to California! We wish we would have had brought it to Hawaii with us!

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

When it comes to headlamps, there are a TON of options! When it comes to choosing one, the option to recharge the battery via a USB port is HUGE for me! I hate carrying extra batteries or risking forgetting them, and running low on battery at the worst time. Just plug it in while your driving and you are good to go!

HotSnapZ Reusable Round Hand Warmers

Reusable Handwarmers

No matter the camping trip, having hand warmers on hand are a must! I have always been on the lookout for more eco-friendly ones. These are amazing! Perfect for around the campfire or at the bottom of your sleeping bag while you sleep!

National Park Playing Cards

Every roadtrip and car camping trip isn’t complete without cards! You can play a game with the whole group or relaxing alone by the lake!

Camp Craft Cocktails

Camp Cockatails

One the road you have limited cooler storage and these signature cocktails are amazing! Pour the liquour of choice before you leave and enjoy when you arrive at camp! I like to enjoy these with a few splashed of selzter water!


A towel is a must, even if you can’t always find a shower! When you are on the road a multi use towel is key! These make a good blanket for the beach, cover for the picnic table and for a quick jump in the lake!

Hydro Flask Timberline Standard-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle

A good water bottle is 100% necessary! I also believe you can’t have too many of these! On a road trip they can be used for a lot of things! Water, creamer, milk for cereal, coffee or un breakable vessel for whiskey!


All else fails you can always get a gift card for Rei, Fleet Farm, Cabelas etc. That way they can get what they want with no return needed!

Gift guide for car camping