Our weekly produce haul from Imperfect Produce!
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I get a lot of questions about what we order from Imperfect Produce, so I am sharing our weekly haul here! YAY!

What is Imperfect Produce?

It is an AMAZING online business where you can order anything from produce to spices! They have come out with their own line of spices and they are DIVINE!

Most of the products are either short coded, a surplus that they bought from other businesses that they just couldn’t sell, or just new products they want to get out there.

No, not all of it is Organic – you can choose! But, you can save soooo much $$ on organic produce!

Is it a subscription?

Yes and No. You can have orders randomly sent to you OR you can fill the box on your own.

Why I freaking love it!??

It gets us our produce for the week, makes us eat more produce and we get to try new things! But, the BEST part is most of this would have trashed otherwise! Awesome right!?

Now, what did we get this week!?

  • A pineapple
  • 1 pound of red & yellow potatoes
  • 3 apples
  • 2 heads of broccoli
  • A tub of Almond Butter (cannot wait to try!)
  • Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 Cantelope

How do I choose what to buy?

It depends on my mood, to be honest 🙂 But, I always look at staple snack things like apples, staple most loved veggies like broccoli first. Then I move on to what they might have, which is why I got a pineappled and cantelope! I was craving some fruit!

I also love looking at what they have for gluten-free items! As they are usually on sale because of a surplus or something.

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A few notes on ordering:

Make sure you pick a delivery day that works for your schedule! They deliver anywhere from 12 -pam-8 pm. The day depends on your zip code. We are home most days so it is easy for us to be there when it’s dropped of.

BUT, if you are someone who works during the day, then make sure you order what won’t go back on a HOT day!

You will have to learn how to cook certain produce right away! As the produce does go bad a little faster than when you get it at the store!


  • Spinach – great in smoothies, chopped up in your eggs, easy to add to rice or thrown into soups!
  • Kale – you can keep this a bit longer if you cut off the ends and place it into a glass of water in your fridge.
  • Lettuce! This is something we stopped ordering as sometimes we aren’t home and it wilts WAY too fast for us to eat it.

When I forget about any kind of veggie, I just make a quick stir fry, veggie soup or bake them in the oven! Get creative and have fun!

Imperfect Produce, imperfect produce coupon, what comes in an imperfect produce box, imperfect produce cost