Do you know the importance of Networking as a small business owner?

If you don’t know the importance of networking then this blog is for you! Networking goes beyond local meetings and coffee shop meetups. It’ attending workshops, free networking events and more!

There are amazing free networking events that have been popping up all over the place! The Rising Tide Tuesday Together Events happen every month for an easy one to find! These are amazing events where you can meet other small businesses, learn and they are FREE!

Why is networking so important to your business?

These events are amazing for learning, meeting new people AND my favorite reason of all. Getting inspired! I made a goal when I first started Natural Intuition Photography, that I was going to attend a workshop every year! I have done that for the past 9 years! This year, I took a one on one mentorship, bought an online course, watched countless webinars and attended a few free networking events.

I may not learn as much as I want during each event, but I always leave inspired. Weather something someone says spikes an idea, my doodles open up a new part of my brain or just meeting new people sparks something.

Being a small business owner can be lonely.

I wish someone would have told me that being your own boss of a small business can be lonely. There are days that Justin and I don’t leave the house. We don’t shower for a few days sometimes. Most weeks we don’t see anyone else. I sign us up for networking events to meet new people and stay inspired. Or I just plan something to get us out of the house, so we can people watch and refresh our surroundings.

To recap:

Networking is amazing for – meeting new people, inspiring yourself & learning new things.

I encourage you, right now, to sign up for at least 2 networking events in your area! They don’t have to be in your field or expertise! The events I get most inspired are outside of photography related!

My favorite places to network:

The Rising Tide Society Tuesday Together Meetings – Find one near you!
Rad Photographers Retreat – an annual retreat for women in photography.

Networking in Wisconsin - Natural Intuition Photography