JURASSIC PARK | Books vs Movies

Which is better the Jurassic Park Books or Movies!?

There is always an argument either way about movies that are made from books. One is usually better than the other, right!? Well, I am going to share why you should read the Jurassic Park Books!

If you don’t know, Jurassic Park / Work movies are my all time favorite movies! I was surprised to hear that they were books first! WHAT!? So I HAD to read the books to find out which was better!

Running to the mailbox when I was notified they were delivered! Joyfully opening the package, I pulled them out and read them asap!

Jurassic Park the Book Vs Jurassic Park the Movie

I dived right into the first book and couldn’t be more excited!

What I loved:

There were always questions I had watching the movie, like:

  • Who is Dodgson, why did he want the embryos?
  • Why did they hate Nerdy so much!?
  • Who was Hammond and why did he want to build a Dino Park?
  • What was making the Triceratops sick in the movie? Always hated they never answered this!

The book answered all these and more questions I didn’t know I had!

Things I didn’t like:

They made the granddaughter annoying and not smart in the books. LOVED how they changed that in the movies!

If you are a lover of the movie, and have wondered these things too. READ THE BOOK ASAP!

The Lost World Book vs The Lost World Movie

You must know out of the three Jurassic Park movies, this is my least favorite movie. Why? Well, that girl that snuck her way onto the island was uber annoying!

What I loved in the book:

Two kids snuck their way onto the island, BUT they were super helpful in the books! They actually helped out a lot and helped keep the others safe! Unlike the movie, where there only helpful thing she did was a stupid gymnastic thing.

They also answered the real reason they started the Dino Park! It was to make money, that is it! Nothing more!

What I didn’t love about the book:

There was a little too much science stuff, but still found it a bit interesting!