Motivation to kick start your New Year!

You’re either a Monday person or your not. If you’re anything like me, you aren’t. This year I started something that I am so happy I did. Monday’s are NO MEETINGS, NO SESSIONS days. It’s the day I get caught up with paperwork, editing, blogging and updates to my clients. So far it has been so good for my soul and business. I don’t hate Monday’s anymore, I actually look forward to them.

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But, I know not everyone can do this – so I am going to hopefully kickstart your week to help you feel better about them. (at least a little) As a small business owner, the #1 thing that holds us (at least me) back is fear. Fear is paralyzing – it keeps us from achieving great things. We all make lists of what we hope to accomplish, but some of those goals are so big we don’t know where to start. Or we are just too scared of failing. Failing is inevitable at least once. We rarely get it right the first time around.

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Take for instance my 1st Rad Photographers Retreat!?

I started too late in marketing, the price was too high for the first time around. Something like this wasn’t done yet in Wisconsin and people were skeptical. Trust me I get it – when you have nothing to show for it and there are more questions than answers why would you sign up!? Well, there was talk 1-2 months before the event date about canceling. We didn’t have enough people signed up, I didn’t have enough money to cover the event in full, and I had a speaker want to back out. But, there was this little voice telling me to keep going.

I listened to that voice and had the Retreat, there were only 6 amazing ladies who came and those ladies left with a full heart and a passion to grow. These ladies hold a very special spot in my heart. As they gave me honest feedback that made the 2017 Retreat what it was. If I would have canceled the 2016 Retreat I don’t think 2017-2019 would have been it was – or who I am today.

Does fear rule too much of your life?

If you answer YES – then you need to write on a sticky note right now! Write down – KICK FEAR IN THE ASS! Fear should drive you, not hold you back. Take all the naysayers and doubts you have and use them. Show them all wrong – including yourself! I know you are made for great things!