LIFE IN August| WHOA! What a Month!

August Life in Review

WOW! How did we fly through Summer? It went so fast that I titled this JULY IN REVIEW instead of August! As much as I am thankful for the cooler days! I do wish Summer was longer! Always wishing for longer days!

Summer in the Midwest is never long enough! We all hate the HOT HOT HOT weather, but the long days are divine! I get sad when the days start to end at 8 pm and how they increase in darkness!

Before I get all sad, I will let you all in on how our August was! It was filled with photography! We photographed some rad humans in August! From families to Weddings!

Each session, wedding, and elopement above are uniquely different and simply AMAZING!!!! I am so thankful for each of them! As I look through their photos, I remember the laughs, the dancing, and so many rad memories! Memories we got to photograph!

The number one thing I have been remembering this Summer!

That I am NOT anyone else! Other photographers are booking twice as much as me! I get a twinge of jealously when I see those posts. But damn, do I think it’s awesome! AWesome that they, too, made it through one of the toughest years in the photography and wedding industry!

It is damn awesome that we are still here! That our doors are still open! That we are doing what we are freaking love! That we are still happy to celebrate those wins for others! For ourselves!

I celebrate with each photographer winning! I am celebrating right there with you!!!

On a personal level!

We found out that our dear Mylo has diabetes, and we are working on getting it under control! We are working on getting him to eat on his own. We are trying everything! But, thankful daily for the old Mylo returning more and more!

We never thought we would be those people! The people that pay a lot of money to keep their pets alive! But, these pets are not just animals to us. They are our children! Yes, that sounds utterly strange to type! But, as someone who doesn’t want human children, our fur babes are family to us! As much family as human children are to others!

Did we go camping?

YES, we spent two nights at a Yurt just west of here! It wasn’t that relaxing, so we left early! We have no photos, just a few on social. It wasn’t really that great! And we both kind of want to forget it! HAH!