Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2021 for Our Madison Life

I freaking love doing these recaps every year! I learn so much from them! What people like, what I should post more, and what I should post least of! 2021 I was dreaming of adventure a lot! And I think a lot of you following were doing the same thing!

With travel being so different in early 2020, Justin and I daydreamed a lot. Along with planning a lot of Wisconsin trips!

Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, Wisconsin camping

The Top Post of 2021

This one is of the raddest camping spot we’ve found so far in Wisconsin! The only downside to this camping trip was the HEAT! IT was 100+ during the two days we camped. I wanted to make this trip again so bad I already booked the site for a month this summer! Just hoping it’s not nearly as hot!

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Also, HOT camping tips that we learned during this trip!

Most popular Instagram posts of 2021

This one I wanted to show ya’ll know what I look like most of the time! Especially when it’s a tad bit cold in our place! This sweatshirt is my go-to and goes on all trips with me! Get it now from This company is one of my favorite women-owned and run companies for the outdoor lover!

Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, danner boots

This one is all about snow! It took a while for the snow to come to Madison in early 2021, and WOW did it NOT stop! We got so much snow!s I was so thankful for my Danners and my years growing up on a Dairy farm! I knew how to stay warm and dry on the coldest, snowiest days!

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Most popular Instagram posts of 2021

Me again! Sharing how OurMadisonLife was going to change up a bit! I created this blog and insta page because I wanted to share things that make me happy! Share tips for those who wish to them that aren’t always sponsored or surrounded by a million ads! This place is a mixture of what our life here in the Madison area is unique! At least to us!

Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, pnw glamping

This one is my lovey-dovey post on Valentine’s Day! I wake up daily remembering that Justin and I have been together for this long! Going on 13 years! WOW, ya’ll! This canvas tent is one of our favorite spots we’ve gone to! We went on a little PNW Adventure for our tenth anniversary!

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Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, a frame cabin

Me again, itching to travel and have one of these A-Frame Cabins of our own someday! Since we stayed in an A-Frame outside Seattle, I have wanted one ever since! I search for them in Wisconsin all the time! But sadly, they out are out of our price range! Someday!

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Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, hawaii coast

What’s this!? Another daydreaming post about travel!? It’s still crazy that we came home from Hawaii, and a few weeks later, the world shut down! Hawaii was a bucket list place that we wanted to go to in the US, and we went to see it just before the world went nuts!

This photo is a random stop we made on our way to our campsite! I was in awe of the sunset, the waves, the water. I could have stayed there for HOURS!

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Most popular Instagram posts of 2021

This is one of my favorite photos of mountains near Las Vegas and a quote that I repeat to myself often. It was a quote that got me through the past two years. Two of the most challenging years, personally and professionally. There were some dark moments, and I am so happy to be on the lighter side of it all.

Most popular Instagram posts of 2021, north shore Minnesota swimming hole

Lastly, it’s me daydreaming of my favorite swimming hole along the North Shore of Minnesota! It was my first time swimming in Lake Superior, and I’ve been wanting to get back ever since!

I am also pretty sure I posted this during a HOT HOT HOT Wisconsin day too! We used to have a swimming pool at our last apartment, and we miss it on Hot days!