MOVING TIPS & TRICKS for Less Stress!

Our moving tips and tricks eliminate some stress while relocating!

I have learned some rad moving tips and want to help make your move less stressful!

I have moved 13 times since leaving High School! This includes 3 Colleges and 6 cities! I have also helped my 5 other siblings move multiple times. I also moved while in High School to a new home. All of this is learning a little more each time!

I am going to share the tips and tricks that I have learned and made moving SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL!

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  • Make a list of utility companies:
    • Cancel or move over to a new address
    • Get date on the books for new utility companies to start, get hooked up, and installed.
  • Update your Address
    • Forward your address to your new address with the USPS. Change it at least 2-3 weeks before your move!
    • Update address for all credit cards, bank accounts, and any other accounts. Don’t worry if you miss a couple; update when it’s forwarded.
    • Double-check any order address online before clicking purchase!


  • Have a box for donating
    • Have a box ready to throw in stuff you do not need, want, or haven’t used in 6+ months.
  • Clothing
    • Leave your clothes on the hanger, and half fold them into a large tub or box. This way, when you unpack, you have to hang right away.
    • Do not remove clothing from drawers. Take the drawers out like boxes and pile them in the vehicle.
  • Jewelry
  • Dishes & Heavy Items
    • Dishes get heavy FAST! Packing them in rolling suitcases makes it easy to move in and out.
    • Wrap dishes in towels, clothing, and rags! Cheaper than bubble wrap and more eco-friendly! Wrap glassware in socks, one glass per sock! Rad idea, huh?
  • Small Items & Books
    • Ask around your local bars and restaurants for some excellent beer boxes! These are great for small items and books! They are much better than any Uhaul box you can buy!
    • Keep small things safe in ziplock bags.
  • Labels Save your Sanity
    • Label your boxes clearly. Not just the kitchen! But what the main items are like, dishes, toaster, coffee pot, etc.! Things you need to use as soon as you move in.
  • Wall Art
    • Packing wall art is tricky! If it’s expensive, wrap it in a blanket with plastic wrap or string. Move last! If it not expensive, I put all framed art in a tub to be moved together.


When it comes to moving, it’s not all packing and unpacking! There are small little things that will be so much better once you plan for them!

  • Hire a Moving Company if you have the budget!
    • If you plan on this, SCHEDULE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Moving companies fill up fast!
    • Get quotes from a few companies and read ALL THE REVIEWS!
    • This helps a TON, especially for families and busy schedules.
  • Sign up for a Meal Program
    • Signing up for a meal program delivered to your home like Hello Fresh etc. This will help when your kitchen is half unpacked, and your home is in disarray! It is healthier than move takes out!
  • Eat all the Food!
    • When it comes to moving, food is ANNOYING! Eat as much of the food in your pantry and fridge as possible!
    • Start the meal plan program early, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Plan your Essentials like a Vacation
    • Pack a bag or box like you are going on vacation! This will help when you move to have all your essential snd and a few clothing options ready.
  • Have a Moving Playlist!
    • Make a playlist of your favorite tunes to get you pumped up!
  • Have snacks and plenty of water!
    • While moving, packing, and unpacking, remember to have snacks and drinks! You’ll get hungry, but this will help anyone get Hangry!
  • Pets and Plants
    • We always move our bedroom first, so the cats have a place to hide and feel comfortable. So we move them as soon as it’s set up.
    • If your animals get anxious, talk to your vet! Other moving tips here for pets!
    • We move all the plants LAST! Water them a bit, not too much before the move, and be gentle! This move is stressful for them too! Other plant tips here!


  • Change the locks
    • This isn’t done enough! Have the locks change as soon as you can! So you are the only ones with the key to your new home!
  • Clean!
    • This may sound strange! But not all homes are that clean when you move into them. Vacuum, wash everything down, and air it out! That way, you start fresh!


YAY! You have moved! Let’s get you unpacked without trashing your new home!

  • Start with your Bedroom
    • You need a sanctuary! Moving no matter how far is stressful! Being able to have somewhere to relax is vital to elevate some stress!
  • Next up the Kitchen & Bathroom!
    • We all need to eat! Unpacking the kitchen will help make mornings and meals easier! Then the bathroom will rebuild some normalcy to your schedule!
  • Wall Art
    • Highly suggest that you DO NOT hang anything until you get your home 90% unpacked and the walls you want to be painted.
  • Unpack SLOWY!
    • The more you rush it, the move you’ll have to do later! Use this time to organize and put things where you want them! SUPER IMPORTANT when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom! If you get frustrated, take the night or day off. You are in your new home; there is no rush!

Any tips I am miss that you’ve learned? Comment below!

Moving hacks for less stress!