Must-Have Cozy Blankets to Keep Warm

The best throw blankets of 2022 to make your house cozier!

BRRR, it’s cold here in Wisconsin and we are all adding layers! Layers in clothes and all the blankets! You can never have enough blankets, especially when you live in the Midwest! Nothing is better than curling up with the perfect cozy blanket!

Blankets are not just a great way to keep warm and cozy during the chillier months. But, they are great to make your home feel cozier!

How to pick the perfect blanket for your home?

  • Choose a good fabric: Go to fabrics for me are faux furs, chunkier weaves. When it comes to layering I love to top a thinner blanket with a wool one. Wool can be itchy, so I like to layer it!
  • Don’t be afraid of color or patterns: A lot like pillows you can go BOLD! My favorite colors are forest green and mustard yellow! Keep in mind your overall style! You can go bold with a great pattern with neutral colors!
  • Pick the size that works for where you’ll use it most: Keep in mind how you’ll use the blanket! There are blankets that are just for one, or those who like to cuddle with the whole family. But, I always make sure it’s big enough to take a nap under!

Now here are some that I would love to fill my car with and bring home!

Organic Cotton Vintage Jungle Beach Blanket

A beautiful lightweight blanket you can bring anywhere!


Trek Light Gear blankets are great for any home, cabin, or camping!

Explorer Blanket | Desert Sun

I have this on my bed currently & couldn’t love it more! It’s soft, super warm & looks great! You can also wear it around you & close it with toggles! What else could you ask for?

Now let’s all get our cozy blankets, a glass of wine, and our favorite movie!

Must Have Cozy Blankets 2021