I have come to love mornings when I started a routine!

Mornings were never really my thing. Growing up on a farm I have had to wake up as early as 4 am to get out to the fields by 5 or so in the morning. This was so I was far enough ahead of my brother with the chopper.

But, as soon as I started realizing when I had a routine mornings weren’t all that bad. I still don’t really look forward to waking up early, but these things have majorly helped make the start to the day WAY better!

I have an alarm set for every day of the week.

The weekends during the Winter I set the alarm for 9 AM. But usually let the sun wake me up. Watching the sunrise is one of my favorite things to do. I watch them with Mylo most mornings, we just sit on the bed and stare out the window as it beams in.

I make myself coffee & good breakfast!

I have started making myself lattes every morning. The simple act of slowing down while giving Otis all the attention he didn’t get while we all slept.

I also have started making a real breakfast. I fry two eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and either a piece of gluten-free toast or crispt up some potatoes in a cast iron pan.

While breakfast is cooking I read a book in between petting Otis and check on the food.

I eat breakfast in bed & watch Netflix or my favorite TV shows.

Since we no longer have TV channels or cable the mornings are when I catch up on my favorite TV shows online. OR I pick a show or movie on Netflix to watch. If I have nothing to watch I read a new book.

I update my To-Do List & Calendar for the week

I am still old school when it comes to my calendar and to-do list. It helps me remember and stay on track. While I am catching up on my shows, I see if I need to add anything to the list and ensure all our calendars are up to date.

Schedule Social Media

I have been feeling more inspired in the morning after a cup of coffee. Which helps me right better captions for social media. So this is when I take the time to schedule on all our feeds for the day, or until I can’t think of any more captions.

Instead of forcing captions for social media, getting mad and no posting regularly. I found that when I write down or schedule posts when I AM inspired it helps me stay on track.

I start working around 11 AM

This is where my mourning routine comes to an end. I start the day off work a little later in the day. As I have come to notice I am more alert, make fewer mistakes and less likely to just scroll social media.

This routine has helped me start out the day right. The few hours of quiet in the morning is like meditation. When I don’t get this I feel off for the whole day.

Do you have a routine in the morning? Do you find it helps your day start out right!? Comment and let me know!

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