Packing light to Trocones Mexico! What we packed!

Packing light for Justin is super easy, but for me this was a challenge. We knew that with flying Alaska Airlines we couldn’t check a back without a fee. To save some money we packed all we needed in 2 Osprey Packs and our gear bag. We are going to share exactly what we took and actually used! I packed too much, as I didn’t plan the best – so I learned and giving you some rad advice on what to take!

What we packed for clothes!

Every day I wore this tank top and capri pants! It was the only way I was comfortable and cool enough. I didn’t wear makeup one bit, as if I tried it sweat off right away. Didn’t even try to do my hair, as it would just go up right away in a bun! I also rotated in this super comfortable shirt from Krochet Kids.

I am sorry I do not have a link to the pants as they were found at TJ MAXX and I tried my hardest to find more pairs as they are SOOO comfortable! For pants, just find the thinnest non-tight pants! If you are like me and hate shorts this is the best way to go!

If we returned I would only bring 2-3 shirts, 2 pants, sports bras, swimsuit & no make up or hair stuff. Justin would just bring more T-Shirts, as he sweat so much!

The BEST way to stay organized when pack is:

PACKING CUBES! If you are packing without these babies you are doing it all wrong! It is the very best way to pack everything in a suitcase or a pack like us. I fit everything in an Osprey Skarab 32 Hydration Pack – 2.5 Liters. While Justin had his stuff and the bathroom stuff in a Osprey Kestrel 28 Pack.

It was funny when we met with the crew that they were shocked that all we had were our two packs and gear.

What else we brought:

Nalgene water bottle, as it’s so hot we wanted to make sure we were well hydrated! Sunglasses that we were both OK with losing if that happened. Swimsuits, a good book and plenty of Sunscreen. Sunscreen that we applied a TON! I did not want to get sunburned!

For the wedding day, I had this dress from Piper and Scoot. I didn’t bring the underslip as I didn’t think you could see through it. Well, in the Mexico Sun you totally could! Ooops! Plus, it is rather thin and I ripped it twice, once on my left boob & the other along the side. Thankfully we were all super close by this poin it wasn’t awkward!

What Justin brought for clothes:

Justin brought a few T-Shirts and for the wedding day he had a moisture wicking shirt that was perfect. This is something we also found at TJ MAXX and couldn’t find more of. But, you can find them all over! He had a few pair of shorts from American Eagle – these are our go-to shorts for wedding days! As they look nice and some are stretchy!

As for both of us and shoes, I wore none most of the time. Except on the roads walking to restaurants. Justin wore his favorite sandals, that leave year round tan lines! Tevas for life!

Now for gear, what did we bring!?

We brought all our gear!

  • 3 camera bodies – 2 Nikon 750’s and 1 Nikon 810
  • Instax – because FUN!
  • 3 flashes – we use 2 but one is always for back up
  • 50mm Sigma Art Lens
  • 24mm Sigma Art Lens
  • 70-200mm Nikon Lens
  • 24-70mm Nikon Lens (Justin’s Favorite)
  • 85mm Nikon Lens
  • Hold Fast Money Maker for me
  • Black Rapid for Justin for harness
  • Think Tank Airport Bag  Want to get a free gift? Use this link when purchasing!


If you plan to go to Mexico with more than 2 cameras per person without a permit, know that you may get detained. This happened to us as our custom form was in Spanish, and that one part was not explained to us like the rest. I got pulled aside, they asked me why I had so much gear, how much it all was and so on. They will look up your gear to see how much it is on the internet. I had to pay over $600 in taxes since I had 4 cameras, YES the Instax counted as a camera!

This was NOT scary, they were super nice about it, we joked and it was actually a bucket list of mine! Crazy I know! Just do more research than I did before you work in Mexico! I was told by other Photographers I would be fine, and they had the same amount of gear as me. But, I wasn’t!