Today is the day to save on some pretty rad things! I am going to share with you rad people what we have in our home and is ON SALE this PRIME DAY!

LEVOIT Air Purifier! We live in a small apartment & cooking smells linger! Especially in the bedroom! Since getting this we have fewer allergies at home and food smells don’t linger too long anymore!

Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod! We take this on vacation and it’s simply perfect!

Amazon Basics Paper Shredder! You need a shredder in your home! This is a must to ensure your private papers are secure!

Lifestraw! If you are a camper this is a MUST! No fancy water purifier needed – in a pinch, you can use this nearly anywhere! We keep ours just in case of emergencies!

I am always up for a sale, the prime day brings us a TON of great ones! These are what we have in our home and LOVE THEM! Have you gotten anything today that you want to share? Comment below with what you scored today!

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