Delicious and easy roasted pepper and tomato soup!

I am a major lover of homemade soups and have been wanting to try and make own as much as possible. Especially when I want to get rid of some veggies that are going bad.

I know people don’t really read the first few paragraphs, so I won’t write too much here.

Here are some great recipe’s for this type of soup:

As I didn’t use a recipe, used them for guidance. I will share what I used below.

recipes using roasted red pepper and tomato soup

What did I do for my soup?

  • 3 Large Peppers, 1 Red & 2 Yellow Peppers
  • 1 Small onion
  • 2.5 Pounds of Tomato’s on the Vine
  • Spices
    • Italian Seasoning
    • Garlic
    • Salt & pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of Better than Bouillon, Chicken Flavor
  • 2 Cups Water

What I did:

  • Roughly chop the peppers (about 2-inch cubes)
  • Sliced the onion
  • Cut the tomatoes in half
  • Places all above on a sheet pan
  • Drizzled olive oil all over
  • Seasoned to taste
  • Mix all together with hands
  • Roasted at 400 degrees for 35 minutes
  • Tossed everything into a blender with 2 cups water & bouillon flavoring
  • Blended well
  • Strain well to get rid of the pesky tomato skin

Then I ate all the above with some declivous grilled cheese. It was oh so yummy!

recipes using roasted red pepper and tomato soup