THE BEST TRAVEL OUTFIT! What I packed to Hawaii!

I wore this 90% of the time we were in Hawaii! The best travel outfit you need right now! Also, some rad tips on what to pack for Hawaii! What I packed for a week in Hawaii!

One of the hardest things when it comes to packing is figuring out what you are going to wear! You take out all your favorite pieces of clothing and set them on the bed. Sigh, then wonder how you are going to fit it all in your suitcase. You start to wonder, do I really need all that!? Well, no you don’t!

Here are some tips on how I figure out what to pack, no matter where I go!

  • Figure out what kind of vacation you are doing first!
    • Are you staying at a resort? Camping? Ect
  • Do you plan to have a photoshoot done while there?
  • Do you want to go out to eat?
    • If so, fancy or just chill?
  • Where are you going?
    • Do you need layers?
    • Rain gear?
    • Swimsuit? Etc…
  • How long are you staying?
  • Will you be able to do laundry?

Once you have figured out the above you can narrow down your clothes! I have been traveling since I was a kid with my family, so narrowing down my clothes has been something I’ve worked on for that long! HAHA!

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Here are some tips that I did to narrow down what I brought on our week in Hawaii!

  • What kind of vacation was this?
    • Camping: So we brought a lot of comfortable clothes. But, nice enough to wear out to restaurants. Non-fancy ones.
      • 1 pair of leggings, for hiking & the airport there
      • These super comfortable overalls from American Eagle! I wore them for 90% of the trip!
      • 3 of these tank tops! 1 black, 1 green & 1 coral colored! I bought the size medium, but large would have been great for draping over the booty!
      • For shoes, I brought 2 pairs – Toms & Tevas. I only wore my Toms to and from Hawaii. Tevas are great for walking around town, hiking, and in the shower.
        • Because NO, I don’t go barefoot in public showers, and you shouldn’t either!
      • To keep warm I brought: a light jacket, 1 sweatshirt, 1 cardigan
  • We did plan on having a photoshoot, so I brought:
    • a fun pair of striped linen pants
    • a swim cover-up for movement & a great pattern.
      • The plans for this fell through, so we never got to wear these 🙁
  • We didn’t plan on going to any fancy places, so we didn’t plan on any fancier outfits.
  • As we were going to Hawaii we brought:
    • a swimsuit, as it was a must for Hawaii! And we were camping on beaches so swimming happened a lot! But, not nearly enough!
    • Turkish Towels – they pack down small enough & dry super fast!
  • We stayed for 7 days, but had a lot of travel so the comfortable clothes were a must!
  • Thankfully we were able to do laundry once, which was great!
    • We also brought Febreeze with us, as this was SUPER helpful!
    • Dryer sheets in your luggage help with smells too, we didn’t bring enough 🙂

This brings me back to this comfortable jumper from American Eagle!

This was so comfortable as soon as I got back home I bought two more pairs! It was so comfortable to travel in, do small hikes in, wear on the plan (took 3 planes back with 18 hours of travel) it was the best thing to wear!

The only downside to this outfit was: it’s a jumper, so if you have anything over it, you have to take it off to take these off. But, it wasn’t too horrible, at least I had a shirt on 🙂

I also slept in this jumper! SO COMFORTABLE! I cannot wait to make these part of my summer staple outfit!

Best Travel Outfit! Affordable Travel Outfit! Self Love!, What to pack for Hawaii!
Best Travel Outfit! Affordable Travel Outfit! Self Love!, What to pack for Hawaii!