Things that have made me super happy lately!

These are some of my favorite blogs to write, as they are just little things that have made my life a little happier lately!


Oh man, I love to read. They make my morning so much better! Mylo and Otis have gotten into my routine too! They cuddle while I read, eat breakfast and drink coffee! This is one of the only goals I stuck to 100% at the beginning of 2021! Check out all the books I have read in 2021! Some have made me cry, some have made me dream, and some have made me wish I never opened them.

Twentysomethings: Austin2021 on Netflix

This may sound super strange, but this show was like Real World but with very little drama! Twentysomethings: Austin2021 is a group of people in two houses next to each other who have to decide if they want to stay in Austin or not. Starting over in a brand new place, making the major jump into the deep end. It was great to watch a reality show without drama, just super awesome people growing as humans!

Croissant Loaf

WOW, did this make my Holiday Season so tasty! I got this Croissant Loaf as a tasty way of upgrading breakfast on Christmas and New Year! I made delicious French Toast the morning of Christmas, and OH MAN, SO GOOD!

Man, have I eaten A LOT of gluten/carbs this Holiday Season. But, you know what, they are tasty, and I am getting back into a healthy lifestyle in 2022!

Die Hard Movies

These are 100% Christmas Movies, and they are now a tradition in our home! They MUST be watched every Christmas! The oldest ones are my favorite as the Newer Die Hards are more about the action than anything! But Bruse Willis kills it every time!

Patagonia Fleece

I bought this Patagonia Fleece on a whim from REI, and I have been LIVING in it since! It’s super soft, comfortable, and the best color (nest brown) ever! It’s also 100% recycled, and that makes my eco-friendly heart happy!