This time of year we find ourselves being thankful. It’s the season where we stop, look around and your heart is filled with thankfulness. I believe that no matter the season you are in, there is always something to be thankful for.

I have had a lot of seasons. Broke college student who drank nearly 6 days a week. Abusive relationship stage where it took me to break into my own apartment to get my things. A stage where I ran away to Alaska to find my soul again. Broke photographer stage where I spent every penny and moment learning about the photography business. So many up’s and down stages during that learning process that I believe I am still in.

No matter how low I felt, or how poor I was, we were nearly evicted once. I was always thankful for something in my life. Thankful for a man that loves me for me. So very thankful for a dream apartment that I got working my ass off. Two adorable fur babes that are so very spoiled. A family that is uber supportive.

On my lowest days, I am thankful I am waking up. These are the days I write down all that I am thankful for. Even if it was just that I work up that day.

I truly hope the feeling of thankfulness is something that you practice year-round. Even if you just take a moment each day to write down everything that you are thankful for. Also, I have started writing down what I love about myself. These are things that help when I am feeling down.

I want to know, what are you thankful for today!? And what do you love about yourself today!? Leave a comment below!

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