Your period just got a little better!

Ladies, I know that every month our little friend comes and it’s dreaded. There are A LOT of options of feminine products out there to choose from. From tampons, pads, cups, and period underwear. It can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to what’s healthier and good for the environment.

When it comes to your health, non organic tampons and pads are filled with chemicals that are not safe for your body. So you might move to natural pads and tampons. I moved to Seventh Generation Tampons before moving to Thinx Underwear. The best part of moving to organic cotton pads was they felt WAY LESS like a diaper! Now, that is a major win, right ladies!?

When it comes to the environment, tampons and pads can take CENTURIES to decompose! As they are usually wrapped in plastic when putting in the waste or their packaging. Just think about that, as the average woman uses over 11 THOUSAND tampons in a lifetime! And that over 50% of the population is female, that is A LOT of waste!

This is one of the major reasons why I moved to Thinx Period Underwear! But, the top reasons I moved to them were, the waste impact on the environment, I hated feeling like I was wearing a diaper OR worrying I sprung a leak!

So I bought a few pairs of Thinx to see if they were all the hype! AND YES THEY ARE!

Top reasons I LOVE Thinx!

  • They are so comfortable – no more diaper feeling!
  • The best backup for heavy days – I sleep so much better! No more stained sheets!
  • I leave the house with more confidence – no more worrying I will stand up with an embarrassing spot on my butt.
  • I feel better about my carbon footprint – cutting it by 5kg!
  • No more having to carry around a million tampons or pads in my pocket or purse! YAY!
Period Underwear

You might be wondering how you care for these, right!?

This was one of the biggest reasons I didn’t jump right away into buying these for my period health. I was unsure of the ease of cleaning them. Well, they are SUPER EASY!

Cleaning your Thinx!

  • After use, just rise right away right in the sink.
  • I set them aside in a special place in the bathroom before I am on my last pair.
  • Then I just throw them in the wash, cold & delicate cycle with dye free detergent.
  • Then hang dry!

You can also wash them in the sink too! Cold water soak for about 30 min, then rinse fully, and air dry! I machine clean so they dry faster 🙂 Also, with my washing machine I think I use less water.