There are so many times I think 2020 was TWO YEARS, not just one. Who’s with me on this!? Here are my Top Instagram Posts of 2020!

It’s even crazier to look at these images as most of the ones that were most liked are from Hawaii. The trip we got in just before the world shut down.

A lot happened in 2020, some made me a stronger person, while also being more terrified than I have been in a while. Terrified of what was unknown. But those unknowns made me so much stronger of a human and business owner.

First up, is a post from when we just moved into our apartment. We didn’t have a couch anymore. We used our camping chairs to watch TV, and Justin took a nap on the floor.

This photo shows that we haven’t even put up those chairs yet, and our stuff was just everywhere!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

This one was taken as things started coming together, but still no couch. My favorite thing about the living room was the lofted ceiling. Allowing me to hang some plants! Nothing is hung on the wall yet.

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

This post was a round-up of two weddings and one elopement. Photographing weddings changed in 2020 and we had to learn to fast. Masks became our new accessory, last-minute elopements kept us able to pay our bills and a sunrise elopement that made my dreams come true.

2020 was full of a lot of bad, but man the humans we got to meet and photograph made the year so much brighter!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

Oh my gosh, this one I still think about A LOT! This session was rescheduled due to COVID Stay at Home Order. But, so happy we got some killer fog to to create magic! This couple was so much fun and game for anything!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

The travel Covid wrecked …

The one time I tried to plan a trip to Alaska to photograph some amazing people. But a panic attack and COVID put that to an end. First I planned the trip, booked the tickets, panicked about the cost and cancelled the trip. THEN Covid happened and I couldn’t financially make it happen, along with travel bans around that time.

This photo is of an A-Frame we stayed in, during our 10 year anniversary in Washington. I want to go back so bad! Or just build one myself!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

This one of the capital was taken during our first session after Quarantining for 8 weeks. It was strange to be out, photographing someone and learning how to pose my clients from a safe distance.

We haven’t been down to the capital in MONTHS because of protests and safety reasons. But, I will also love how the sun hits this building!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

The trip before the world closed …

Now, Hawaii photos! I am so very happy we got to take this trip in 2020! Still crazy to think that 2 weeks after we got back the world closed. I still cannot wait to go back, spend a long time and hike a lot more!

This trip was planned to see the most, but experience much. We cannot wait to go back, camp more and hike all those trails we couldn’t while there.

This was taken in a helicopter and it was AMAZING! If you go to Hawaii, I cannot recommend doing one of these for sure!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

OH man, this photo was taken before we had the WORST camping experience ever. But, after we had the hardest time putting up that monstrosity of a tent!

The Airbnb listing was a joke/lie and this tent was missing a stake, didn’t stay up in the high winds, and we slept on a dirty air mattress. With sheets that I am pretty sure weren’t clean.

Work up at 4am to the tent laying on me with rain coming in. We took down the tent and waited for the camp ground gate to open so we could leave.

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

The last photo is one where I wish I would have had my big camera with me to take! My friend Andy was showing us around Oahu and took us to this overlook. I could have sat there forever! I loved the view so much!

Top Instagram Posts of 2020

It was so fun reliving Top Instagram Posts of 2020, with you all! It may have just been one year that felt like two, but it taught us so much!