Carry on packing for 3 day trip to San Francisco California

We traveled to San Francisco for work, so we took all our gear and just enough clothes for 3 days. Three days of work with some play! Plus, we knew the weather was going to be windy and rainy, so we had to remember to bring layers. Along with layers rain gear was important!

For layering, I brought a Merino Wool long-sleeved shirt, 2 sweaters, leggings for our walk over the Golden Gate Bridge, jeggings to look like nice for a date night, a scarf, of course, rain jacket and hat. Also, the essentials like PJ pants, shirts for sleeping, 2 sports bras, 5 pairs of undies. OH, for shoes I brought my Teva Sandles for walking & Tom’s for the airport. Lastly, I brought my all time favorite “jacket” pullover to keep me warm! LOOOVE thing! I haven’t owned anything from Abercrombie since High School – but man I wear this thing all the time! It’s so warm & love how long it is!

packing for 3 days in San Francisco CA -  Natural Intuition Photography

Justin brought jeans, hiking pants for the walk, a Merino Wool long sleeved shirt, 2 t- shirts and a sweatshirt. Along with the essentials of 5 pairs of undies!

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Sutro Baths San Fransisco, Travel Guide for San Francisco, California Blogger - Natural Intuition Photography

For our hike across the Golden Gate Bridge, I didn’t want to take a purse, and we knew we wanted to be able to take our jackets with some water. So we made sure to bring this rad little packable bag my Mom gave us for Christmas. It folds up into itself for easy packing and worked perfectly for our little 7 or so mile walk.

Eddie Bauer, Golden Gate Bridge, National Parks, Osprey Hiking Pack, Gluten Free Bakery, Sutro Baths San Fransisco, Travel Guide for San Francisco, California Blogger - Natural Intuition Photography

Everything was packed in our Osprey Bags. On the day of our shoot, I packed everything into my Osprey bag, along with snacks and a water bottle.


  • Lay out all your outfits before you pack them – try them on and see if you like how they look.
  • Pick neutrals – this isn’t hard for us as we wear mostly grey & blacks!
  • Always, bring 2-4 more pairs of undies with you – you never know if you’ll want to shower more than once a day while there. Doing laundry or running out is never fun!
  • Bring layers if you plan to stay away from your hotel or airbnb – this will ensure you are comfortable all day!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share!? Comment below! We always like to hear packing hacks!