Since Justin and I have been together, we have gotten our photos taken at least once a year. Sometimes a couple when friends want to try new things. There are so many things that I learn each and every time. No, they are not things from the photographer, it’s things about ourselves and we want our clients to know and feel.

First, fights happen! Just before we met with our photographer in Oregon, we argued about the fact Justin didn’t plan his clothes (yet I adore what he wore, it’s him). I was also angry about the outfit I planned to wear didn’t look as great as I thought it would. (still, wish I would have worn it). But, you know what – the clothes don’t really matter all that much when I look at the images. I see the laughs we had when the waves rushed up to our feet. The silly dance moves we did, and the beautiful sunlight that beamed down.

I am not perfect, either is he. But, we are human and we are imperfectly beautiful. Trust me, when I look at these images I see how the shirt I am wearing doesn’t hit me just right, I have a double chin in most of the photos – from laughing so hard – and my hair isn’t perfect. What you do not know when seeing this image, Justin and I were camping 3 nights before this. We didn’t have a shower where we were camping, so we bathed in the lake we were camping next to. I didn’t have a hairdryer or straighter – and Justin’s hair hasn’t been cut in weeks. BUT – this is US – and I love us.

Cannon Beach Photographer

I have never loved how I look, but this year I am learning how to love what I see in the mirror. Because Justin loves the woman that stands before him. And my dear family and friends will always love me unconditionally. That is what I tell myself on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times a day.

I have been photographing humans for 10 years professionally – and I love capturing memories. Yes, you’re not perfect, double chins happen when you have a big belly laugh and those extra pounds you wish you would have lost before the shoot — DO NOT REALLY MATTER! The love you two share, the goofy word he said in your ear and the way you get to relive those moments over and over with each photo.

So my advice to you when you’re getting your photos taken:

BE YOU when it comes to your clothes, be comfortable and don’t be afraid to bring a few outfits to change into.

My advice to those who don’t get their photos done every year:

DO IT – do it now! Find your favorite photographer and capture your life as it is right now! Your love for each other, your kids your season in life. Photos are your transport – and a photo other than a selfie or a blurry cell phone picture. Just do it – you won’t regret it – I promise you!