Wisconsin Winter Must-Haves to Stay Warm this Season!

Maybe it’s the DEEP CHILL that has hit the midwest this week, but it has been much better since I have these Winter Must-Haves!

I am not a fan of being cold at all! Nor Hot, but hot I can handle better than cold! Cold is brutal! But these items make me happier in the chillier weather!

Must Haves to stay warm this winter


I did a lot of research when it came to boots. I wanted a pair that would last a long time were cute enough to wear outside outdoor activities, keep my feet warm and dry! These do the trick for sure! Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots are amazing! Justin and I have matching boots. We love them so much!

I wore these in Iceland & my feet were dry even walking through streams. Also, I wore them Tobogganing with family, and my feet were warm and dry the whole time!

If you are worried about snow getting in your boots, get a pair of gators! These are usable year-round!


You want to keep your head nice and warm! Also dry! We like to wear fleece-lined, Merino wool or alpaca hats!


You want to keep those hands warm! The worst thing is when your fingers go numb from the cold! It can ruin any outdoor outing! I love Mittens over Gloves! Mainly because I have found it easier to pick things up with mittens than gloves. I have also been warmer with mittens!

Mid Layer

A good mid-layer is vital too! The North Face Mountain Quarter-Snap Sweatshirt has been my go-to!’ It’s not too heavy, not a puff, and looks great when you take your coat off! I also adore this Patagonia Retro Pile Marsupial Fleece Pullover. I have TWO in Nest Brown! One for layering & one for comfort at home! Our house is chilly!

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Smartwool Base Layers!

Under that quarter zip, you will want another base layer! Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer & Smartwool Intraknit Merino 250 Base Layer are amazing! Smartwool, in general, is a great base layer!

Why are they so good? The interlock-knit merino wool enhances comfort, breathability, and odor resistance. It wicks the moisture away when you sweat and keeps you from becoming super smelly! Good base layers should be on your winter must-haves list for sure!

BUDGET FRIENDLY base layers:

Leggins are great too! Wear your workout leggings underneath, and you will be fine too! I do this sometimes too! For the top, you can use a workout shirt you may already have too! Something like this one!


You can either go for a great pair of snow pants or bibs, waterproof pants, or some tremendous fleece-lined hiking pants!

These are our favorites or wants:

Wool Socks are a major winter must-have!

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry, good socks are essential! I love thick wool socks for this! I like socks that are tall enough, not too tight to go over my leggings and wool! Wool helps both keep you warm and your feet drier!

Faves are:


A good winter jacket can make or break your winter experience! Especially if you want to get outside more! Make sure a good winter jacket is on your winter must-haves list!

Justin and I do this a bit differently. He has a wool Marmot (linked to a similar one) layered with a The North Face Venture 2 Jacket. He likes this as the rain jacket can be worn alone when needed.

I have two different options that I do. When I am just going around the town or quick stops, I wear a Patagonia Down Puff. When I am out sledding, hiking, or out for a more extended time, I wear REI Co-op Farlands Down Parka. This parka is so warm. I love it! I want Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Parka, but the price got for now! But a good alternative is this one from REI! I got it last year & LOVE IT!

Now get you there and enjoy this winter!!