BEST FACE MASKS | Where we Found our Favorites!

Face Masks are now mandatory in Dane County, here is where I found our favorites!

You may or may not have heard by now that face masks are not required in Dane County and other Wisconsin Counties! I am not going to go into why or why not you should wear a mask. But, know that you may be fined if you are found without one.

I do want to share the masks we’ve found that are comfortable! We’ve photographed sessions and weddings with these on. I will also share our experience with ones that we think DID NOT work at all and you should avoid! Also, we do not use one-use masks at all – they are all cloth masks from small businesses.

We wanted to purchase from small businesses as we wanted to help them during this time! Also, I LOVE that businesses are able to use fabric that would have possibly been thrown away. Now they are being recycled! Along with that businesses being able to still make income if they cannot have their storefront open!

Now, these are the top 5 masks that we LOVE!

Graf Lantz Linen and Organic Cotton

These are our newest ones, and I have to say they are our all time favorites! You can talk and they most a lot less then any others we’ve tried. They fit both my smaller face and Justin larger bearded face! Super soft, have a pocket for a filter and comes in packs!


Strawberry Rev

These face masks are available with a pocket for a filter or no pocket. I have the one with the pocket. These are perfect for my small face and ears! The fabric is easy to breathe in and soft! (pictured above – I have sadly lost this in our move and hoping it pops up!)

These aren’t big enough for men according to Justin, especially if you have a beard.


Assembly Shop

Since Justin and I both have different sized heads, min pretty small while he is pretty big. Yes, that sentence makes me giggle 🙂 The fact that they have masks with adjustable ears is AMAZING!

These face masks are quite thick and without a pocket for a filter, but since it’s so thick you shouldn’t need one.

We have yet to wear these out and about, but at home, they were pretty comfortable!


MH every day on Etsy!

These masks got me when I couldn’t find my orange mask and I wanted a new one! I scoured Etsy to find some cute masks!

I came across this adorable store and the masks are SOOOO Cute! They come in so many colors, they fit so well, the ears are soft and they come with TWO Free filters! YAY!


Lastly, are the face masks my rad sister made us!

I again lost mine while moving and I am hoping it turns up! But, there is a pocket for a filter and a paper clip for the note piece! These are the BEST when shopping! They are the easiest to breathe in and they stay up on your nose no matter the movement!

Are you wearing your mask properly?

My key points for wearing and properly handling your mask:

  • Wash or sanitize hands before putting on
  • Make sure your mask covers your mouth AND nose at all times
  • Need to adjust?
    • Sanitize every time you touch your face masks that is NOT the earpieces.
  • When not wearing on your mouth, don’t hang on your chin
    • Why? the possible germs that are on your neck from being in public are not on the inside of your mask and you will breathe them in.
  • When you take off your mask, place inside a baggy.

CLICK HERE to read and see if you are!

I know this new, and no fun at all! If you want to know why I wear a mask read this Instagram Post:

Wear a Face Mask please

My advice for going forward:

Please, do not shame someone for wearing or not wearing a mask. You both feel the right to do what you want, please don’t shame them for feeling the same way you do.

We are all trying to get through this tough time in our lives – let’s all just use a little more kindness going forward.