The world has been heavy in the last couple of months, hasn’t it?

We talked about how we were grieving during Quarantine. Then we took a few weeks off to really take care of ourselves, our business, and to listen. I wanted to share a little life update as I have been so quiet.

We took last week fully off of social media, except for sharing in our stories. We donated to Black Lives Matter’s Groups and opened our minds and hearts to education.

This week we are getting back on track to the new normal we are all living. We are welcoming and hoping for change. The normal we all-new a few months ago is gone forever. And you know what? I am ready for a change! It is well overdue!

When it comes to Natural Intuition Photography, we have been back to work for a few weeks now.

We’ve photographed two intimate elopements here in Madison. Along with a handful of sessions. It has been amazing getting back to work. It was a strange transition from not working for nearly 3 months. But, I feel back at home now that I am doing what I love!

We have taken an associate photographer job for a Milwaukee Photographer to bring in a little more money. Something I never thought I would do. But, it was needed to pay the bills! Plus, I wanted to help out a photographer who needed help.

I have also been a blogging machine for A Northwoods Wedding feature blog! Did you know that this was being rebooted? It’s been a fun new adventure that I hope grows!

On the personal front, we are moving into a new apartment and city!

We are moving to Stoughton Wisconsin! Our apartment is on the top floor of an adorable older home. I will have an office again! YAY! This office that I am excited to also include studio space! I cannot wait to share it all with you!