Things that have helped me work smarter not harder in my photography business.

Through the past 10 years since starting, I have gone through MANY different ways to streamline my workflow. I have always been a little OCD when it comes to staying organized.

When I first started I used a small notebook that I would make lists upon lists to stay organized. This I still do for my To Do Lists – it’s the easiest way I have been able to stay 100% organized. I have tried online options, but old school just works best for this.

But, I have added other amazing programs and apps that have helped in so many ways! All of these have helped save me money, time & gave me control over my business.


I have had Honeybook for a few years now, and just started using everything it has to offer to it’s fullest.

It’s amazing for:

  • Invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Questionnaires
  • Workflows
  • Emailing clients

My favorite thing about this is that it keeps my workflows for clients up to date and on track. Our communication has greatly improved since using the workflow templates!

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I only just started using Quickbooks last year. I have NO IDEA why it took me so long! This was my first year using it to file my taxes and it made it SO EASY!

I had everything downloaded, printed and emailed to my accountant in 20 min or less! WHAT!?

The way I ensure that everything is in QuickBooks is by using my Southwest Credit Card or Debit Card for all business transactions! Once the transaction goes through, all I have to do is make sure it’s categorized correctly!

Also, my Honeybook account is connected so all payments are automatically put into QuickBooks too! SUPER EASY!

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Tailwind has helped me post and schedule to Pinterest. Something I need to get better with. This has helped get traffic back to both of my sites!

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If you have a business that results in you traveling a lot, this is an app that you need to get RIGHT NOW! If you don’t have this then you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands in deductions!

We travel for 80% of our bookings for Natural Intuition Photography, with this app on our phone it saves us thousands! It automatically records your drives. All you have to do is categorize it. SO EASY!


I have used a few different Social Media Planners and this one is by far the easiest to use! Also, it helps me post on the go! I download images to use while we are traveling so I always have images to use.

You can also see the feed before scheduling, so you can ensure your feed stays beautiful! It saves your favorite hashtags to just copy and paste into your caption. You can even auto-post to your profile, I do this for Rad Photographers as it keeps it consistent!

Now a few things that have helped make my photography business easier!

Photo Mechanic

If you take a lot of photos or are a photographer you NEED this for culling your photos. It is WAY faster than culling in lightroom!

You just copy images from your card to your desktop, open in Photo Mechanic, cull your favorite images and then move those images right over to the folder you want to edit in Lightroom.

Before using Photo Mechanic culling a wedding would take HOURS, now it only takes 30 minutes or less. Saves so much time!!!!

Adobe Lightroom

I use Lightroom to edit all our photos with Cascade Presets that I have customized to my style. Lightroom is WAY easier to edit your images than Photoshop when you find the right presets. Or when you get good at making your own presets.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is something I use to design templates for social media, business cards and so forth. Also, to make fine tweaks on my photos.

Both Lightroom and Photoshop can be purchased with the Creative Cloud, which gives free updates to the program whenever they are made! Which is awesome!


Once our photos are edited they get uploaded to Cloudspot for easy access by our clients. Here is where they can download and order. I love the modern and clean look to these online galleries.

Also, it’s another online backup for my client’s images!

Check it out here! You can also embed it right to your site, which is what we do with our print shop!


I use both of these for automatic online backups! I have external hard drives, 1 I work off of & 1 for back up. Also, two online backups and Clouspot for another backup! You can never be too careful!

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project workflow software, 
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