Off-Season Ideas of Photographers and Small Business Owners!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the off-season already! It always goes too fast and too slow all at the same time! The “off-season” is usually January – May here in Wisconsin, with weddings ramping back up again in May! For some photographers, they stay busy year-round with families and couples. But it still slows down a bit as the temperatures go down!

Off-Season Projects for Photographers

So how do we fill those days when we aren’t shooting?

Get ready for taxes – two years ago during Covid, and it saved me so much stress that my taxes were already done by March! Applying for aid was easy and quick because I had them done already. I always get my taxes ready as fast as possible in the new year! Then email it to my accountant. That way, when they have time to get it done, they can! It keeps the stress out of taxes!

Re-work my client and business workflows – I go through everything to ensure I use my time wisely and clients have the best experience ever! Along with always trying to find more balance in life!

Organize client management software – this goes along with the one above! Along the way, figure out what is working and what isn’t. And possibly shop around for new client software that may fit your needs better. Check out my wedding workflow here!

Education – as a business owner, you are always learning and growing. Find some rad new courses to enhance your career! You are never done learning and growing; remember that. You can never know too much! My favorite course so far has been Adventure Instead Academy!

Send your gear in to be clean and fixed – Gear maintenance is essential! And it’s easiest to send them in during the slow season. I highly suggest sending them right into your camera manufacturing company, like Canon or Nikon.

Back up your work – backing up for work to another drive for safekeeping is essential! I have mine backed up on a hard drive and two online places! Backblaze (use the link to get a free month!) and Crashplan online are great! Along with backing up images, get yourself a brand new hard drive! I always have an extra one on hand just in case!

Update your website – Wow, this is a must! We can quickly put this on the back burner during the busy season! Get those blogs written and images updated! Along with getting rid of the photos that no longer speak to your brand! Make the blogs that speak entirely to your brand even more SEO-friendly! Don’t just update your images though, update your pricing too! Make sure to go through your CODB (cost of doing business) and see if you need to update anything!

Update sample products – want to try new products for your clients? Or like to update the products with new photos? This is the time to design and order them!

Create and repurpose content – create marketing content for the coming year! The slow season is when you re-evaluate your marketing! So this is when you should up your marketing game for sure!

    • Take slideshows you’ve shared and make into reels.
    • Share more photos of your sessions and weddings with NEW captions, tips and stories!
    • Get some rad marketing informational filled blogs out there, that you an also cross market on all social medias!

Send images to vendors – this is another thing that can be forgotten! Trust me, and I am horrible at this no matter how much I try to remember! Send galleries to vendors you’ve worked with!

Make goals for the upcoming year – along with updating your marketing, start making goals for the new year! Write them down and have them visible! I am looking into making SMART goals this year, so I am clear on what I want! I have also started a Manifesting Pinterest Board for my life goals!

Jumpstart anything you’ve started but not finished – this can be an idea you’ve had during the busy season that you didn’t have the time for. This could be ANYTHING! Personal or business! Mine is jumpstarting my newsletter! Starting things during the slower season helps make it a habit you can’t break during the busy season.

Clean up your social media – this is just like updating your portfolio and website! Is there anything on there that doesn’t speak to your brand? Please get rid of it! You can delete it or just archive it! Re-organize your interest board too! Update your vision, update your excellent ideas, and so on.

Submit anything to publication – online blogs are always looking for new content! Some print publications may be looking for the new year! So submit away! This is something I have forgotten about the last couple of years! So I plan to get a few things sent out!

Up your marketing game – like I said a few times before! This is a GREAT time to sit back and re-evaluate your goals, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and if you need to hire someone! Research what others are doing and what the new trends are!

Scout new locations – is there a location you have been DYING to visit? Use this time to check them out! Use this time to try new things and have fun!

RELAX – last but not least, use this time to take care of yourself! Find a new routine, something that makes you happy, the days better, etc. Take a vacation, don’t check your email, and be present! Take advantage of the fact your calendar is more open!.

WHAT DO PHOTOGRAPHERS DO IN THEIR OFF-SEASON?, Off-Season Ideas of Photographers and Small Business Owners!