Home Sweet Home: The Adventure of Coming Back to Blogging

I am back to blogging & ready to dive back in!

Hey there, adventurers and storytellers!

It’s been a minute. I hit the pause button on this blog for a little while, but like any good tale with unexpected twists, I couldn’t stay away too long. Think of it as a season break in your favorite series, and now we’re back with the premiere of a brand-spankin new season—complete with all the behind-the-scenes drama and blooper reels you never knew you needed.

Blog we are back

We Bought a House!

First off, your favorite blogger (that’s me, right? 😅) did the grown-up thing and gasp bought a house. That’s right! We traded in the sound of tires over city asphalt for the morning serenades of Wisconsin birds in our very own slice of Lake Mills suburbia. It’s been a whirlwind of boxes, paint swatches that all somehow look suspiciously similar, and the dawning realization that, yes, I too can become emotionally invested in the type of grass in my front lawn.

And yet, buying a home as a small business owner is like, “Hey, I love stress—so why not turn the stress dial up to eleven?” But if I’ve learned anything from choosing the perfect focal length for that dreamy wedding portrait, it’s that the big picture is worth all the tiny adjustments.

Speaking of which—weddings! Families! Photos! And BOOKS!

My camera has seen more “I dos” and toddler meltdowns than episodes of a daytime soap opera. Capturing those moments, those raw, unfiltered nuggets of human emotion, has been the kind of ride that’s both heart-stopping and tender—a rollercoaster you’re delighted to be on, basically.

Between the chaos, I’ve been a certifiable bookworm. I’ve devoured stories, each one a new piece of armor or a weapon in my arsenal as I faced down every dragon that homeownership and life threw at me. I’ve got a pile of recommendations that’ll get you through the winter, the summer, and possibly an apocalypse (just in case). Book Reviews Here!

But all these books, all these shutter clicks, they’ve led me here, back to you, my dear blog. The resilience to ride out the storm has rebuilt me a bit. I’m still your good ol’ quirky blogger with a penchant for staying up too late and a hunger for outdoor escapades, but I suppose I’ve got a few more stories to tell. And gardening will be happening this Summer!

I’m inviting YOU—yes, you there, nodding along or smirking at my not-so-subtle dad jokes—to weigh in. Share your own tales of domestic triumphs, photography feats, and bookish obsessions. Rant about your fixer-upper woes, or tell me about that one time at your cousin’s wedding when Uncle Bob accidentally set the table centerpiece on fire (just me?).

Together, we’ll laugh at the mess, cheer for the milestones, and keep rolling with the punches. Because that’s what life’s about, right? It is a beautiful, baffling, and sometimes bizarre adventure. And in this community, everyone’s story—young homeowners, camera nerds, book lovers, Wisconsin natives, hiking aficionados—is worth telling.

I can’t wait to catch up on all our stories here on the blog! Until then, keep living the plot twists.

Keep on adventuring,

P.S. Drop a comment if you’ve got any leads on where the cool locals hang. I might be a homeowner, but I’m still hip, right? Right?! 😜