What we learned while camping in 90+ degree weather! Hot weather camping is doable!

Our first camping trip of the year was HOT HOT HOT! We did a lot of research before going as we knew that it would be nearly 100 degrees! Hot weather camping is doable!

We learned a lot, and next time we will be more prepared and ready! I will share what we learned, what we took with us, and how we weren’t totally miserable!

What we learned about camping in hot weather!?

Being prepared with a good mindset is key!

If you go in with a plan, be prepared with a plan b, c & d! We went thinking we were going to hike the whole park. But, plan b was to relax. Yes, I was mad at first. But I knew it was needed!

Bring plenty of clothes to change into and feel fresh!

THIS IS HUGE! We changed when we went to bed, and any time we felt really gross!

Make sure to check your ice level!

The HOT weather causes the temp in your cooler to go up faster! Make sure you check it and keep your food from spoiling! And your drink cool! No one likes to drink warm beer!

Make sure you are prepared!

Make sure to bring what you need to stay cool and comfortable!

Check for rain!

If there is no rain in the forecast, you should leave off the rain fly! This will allow for more airflow!

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Must haves for hot weather camping?

There were a few things that we could NOT live without during this hot camping trip! Some we wish we would have brought out sooner! Along with a few things I should have brought!

Cooling Towels

I wish we would have brought these out sooner! They were a lifesaver for cooling us down!


I thought that fans were cheating! But, having one on us at night was AMAZING! It allowed for air movement when there was no breeze! When we were relaxing, I also had one clipped to my chair!

The one I loved most (linked above) even had a USB port to charge your phone! Which also camp in handy!

Loose-fitting pants or shorts to sleep in!

My wide-legged pants to sleep in were so comfortable! They were stuck to my body, causing my skin to breathe!

Body Wipes!

This is something I forgot! These cooling wipes would have been amazing in the morning as a refresh! Also, I plan on bringing some wipes for “down there” as a refresh too! OR you can shower more often. But the water at the park was SO HOT! We were hotter when we came out than we went it! But at least we were clean!