How can you help us at Natural Intuition Photography, Our Madison life, and other Small Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic?
How can you help us at Natural Intuition Photography, Our Madison life, and other Small Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic?, Small Business & Coronavirus,

If you know me well you know that asking for help isn’t the easiest thing for me. You may also know that a lot of couples are having to postpone their wedding to 2021 due to the virus. It breaks my heart getting these emails, but thankful they are only postponing and not canceling. They still deserve the wedding they’ve spent so much time planning!

Usually around this time photographers are amping up for Spring Sessions, Engagement Sessions and Wedding Season. But, the virus has kept us from all of this, or it’s postponed our incomes for a full year or more.

So I am asking you all for some help to get through this time, please. It’s super easy, and every little thing helps!

So how can you help?

Purchase or Gift a Session for the future!

I rarely discount my sessions, usually only around Black Friday. ALL SESSIONS are 50% off!

  • 1 Hour Sessions only $300 – includes mini branding sessions!
  • 30 Min Sessions only $150
  • Branding Sessions start at $150

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude! So thankful for those who have already purchased their session to schedule later. Those who purchased prints, albums and so on!

Also, so very thankful for those who are paying it forward! Each session purchased has the choice to pay it forward with a session to an essential employee!

So when you buy a session or gift card, you can pay it forward to someone who is still working right now! People like nurses, doctors, grocery clerks, janitors and the like!

You can easily purchase gift certificates HERE or you can contact me to purchase a session at 50% off!

  • 30 Min Sessions $150
  • 1 Hour Sessions $300
  • Branding Sessions starting at $150
    • YES, this is the first time EVER that you can purchase a headshot or full branding sessions at 50% off! This will never happen again!

Add a print credit to your wedding collection!

This can be any amount starting at $50! Perfect wedding gifts! You can purchase these right online HERE.

They can be used for prints, albums, canvas’, wood prints etc!

Purchase an album!

NEW ALBUM is here! Starting at only $200 for 10 spreads (20 pages)

Sizes available – 8×8 – 12×12 | super affordable and great or gifts!

Luxe Albums also available starting at $900 for a 10×8 – 12×12 | Leather & Fabric

Purchase prints from our print shop or through your sessions or wedding online gallery!

Do you need a new link to your online gallery? Email me – and I will send it to ya no problem!

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This one is HUGE!

If we’ve worked together, or photographed a wedding you attended and you loved us, REVIEW US!

Review us on Google HERE

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Also, follow us on Social Media!



When on those social media’s comments, share and let us know you are there! Share your wedding blog, this always makes my heart so happy!

A MILLION THANK YOU’s for doing the above! I simply adore what I do, know we will make it through this hard time. But, we cannot do it without help from you!