Must-Read Books for 2021

A major goal of mine was to get back to reading once 2021 hit! Isn’t this a goal for a lot of people!? It is hard to get back into the groove, at least for me.

Whenever I want to get back into reading I start with an easy read. Something I KNOW I will like. In my pile, I found Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks!

His books are always good, easy reads. That keeps you hooked! Even though you know they end happily most of the time. This one is no different.

Of course it’s about a love story, but this one is a tad different. Which I loved even more. Love isn’t one dimensional and the story that is written here is beautiful! What makes it even better is it’s based off a true story!

Most have heard about the letter wall in Italy, well this is a mailbox on the beach. A mailbox where you can write a letter to someone or no one. A way for you to write a love letter to the love of your life without ever giving it to them. Or get something heavy off your chest. Something that has been weighing on you, but you don’t want to weigh others down.

A mailbox that brought two people from two very different lives back together. All along the way expanding their life story.

This book will remind you that love is beautiful, never give up on it and get yourself to that beach asap! I know I want to plan a trip ASAP to North Carolina to find that mail box!

I cannot suggest this book any more! It’s a beautiful read!