We found the best cooler for camping!

We’ve tried a few coolers in the past years! Along with doing some research, so much research!

Yeti always came up as one of the best coolers. But, we couldn’t justify paying that much for a cooler! Alongside those blogs, I found the RTIC Coolers!

Before getting the RTIC Cooler we got a Coleman Xtream! We went on a 2 week trip from Wisconsin to Montana (and a little bit of Canada). Which was a great test for these two coolers! We had all the drinks in the Coleman, while all the food was in the RTIC one. They were left in a car with the sun on them for 2 days!

We always try to buy ice blocks as it lasts a bit longer and keeps your food and drink nice and cold. Each cooler had a block in them and the RTIC Cooler had ice WAY longer than the Coleman!

This cooler has come on two flights with us also! It works great for putting the tent and all cooking equipment to be packed for the plane. WE make sure to put a zip tie on the lock hole to ensure it doesn’t pop open. It has worked nicely and keeps things sooo cold for sooo long!

It is also great for keeping all the stickers that I get and given to me. The cooler is also a great seat at camp too!

If you are looking for an amazing cooler for your next road trip this cooler is a MUST HAVE! You won’t have to stop too often for ice, which is great when you planning to drive a lot of back roads! Our food stays nice and cold like they would if they were in our fridge at home!

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