Gifts your photographer friend will actually want this Holiday!

When it comes to photographers we get a lot of the same thing year after year. These are really rad things, like a Camera Lens Travel Mug, Coffee Mugs with cameras on them, well anything with a camera.

Not saying those aren’t rad gifts either. I am telling you all that we want other things WAY more!

I asked around in the Photographer Communities I am apart of, what they would prefer for Christmas. Most are practical while others are things we just can’t afford right now.

First! Before you read below!

I have linked Amazon and other online stores. BUT, if you can find these local, DO IT! I urge you!

Also, straight up ask your photographer friend what they’d want. Finally, I know this year has been rough and money is tight for most. I wanted to make a list that was filled with a variety of price points.

When it comes to gifts, gift what you can. Don’t feel pressure in gifting the perfect gift.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an amazing way for someone to go to their favorite place, relax, feel pampered, travel more, or just add a piece of mind.

When it comes to Gift Cards strike up a conversation about their favorite places to shop. Every Holiday I get a Gift Card to REI & Kwik Trip, which I freaking LOVE!


Coffee Shop

Gas Card (this is one of my all-time favorites!)

Best Buy or a Camera Place

R.E.I (especially if they are the outdoor lover!)

Grocery Store

A Cash Card of any kind

Food Stuff

Favorite Coffee | Madison Favorite is JUST COFFEE CO & you can ship it!

Favorite Snacks, we consume snacks a lot while working, which helps us stay awake.

Wine Subscription

Whiskey | I may be putting this one for me, as we are HUGE whiskey drinks and always looking for new ones!


Foot Massager | We are on our feet for 10-12+ hours a day for weddings and sessions. Whenever I would get a massage, I would always ask for them to concentrate on my feet, back, and shoulders. These massagers would be amazing to use every day! A game changer!

At-Home Facials

At-home spa days happen while we relax on the couch, wine in hand, and Netflix on! Our faces go through a lot when being outside a lot! Or we may not drink enough water or get enough sleep, so these help keep us looking alive! Rael is my go-to company!

To Stay Creative

Prism Pack

It is important to stay creative. Not just so we keep growing as a photographer. Or ensuring we create rad images for our clients. But, to stay creatively fulfilled. Most photographers have a simple prism, but this pack would be amazing!


Photography gear is something we will NEVER turn down! Photographers can go through SD Cards like candy. We want to make sure our images are safe by getting new ones after so many sessions and weddings.

When buying SD cards make sure you know what kind of camera they have and go from there. If you aren’t sure, just go the gift card route! Along with getting a gift receipt just in case!

San Disk SD Cards are my go-to’s!

Those cards need a good case! So pair those cards with a Pelican SD Card Case!

Hard Drives | We can never have enough hard drives!

Camera Strap

When it comes to photographing our clients, being able to be hands-free, while also being able to quickly gran our camera. This is major!

My favorite company for this is Hold Fast! They make killer leather straps, for those who shoot with two cameras and one! May I say that they will make your photographer friend look Bad Ass!

For the Adventure Photographer

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Hiking with a camera and a hiking pack, you don’t want to add any bulk with a camera strap. So this rad little clip is perfect for the adventure photographer friend!

Weather Guard

No matter how much we wish we could put in an order for perfect weather every time we photograph. We sadly cannot. Most of us use plastic bags with a ripped hole in them to cover our gear. This rain guard would be AMAZING to have in our bag!

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