No longer overthink your wardrobe! Find items you love!

If you suffer from a lack of imagination (like me), have no sense of color coordination, and just want to sweep away your problems with a quick “fix it,” then this article is for you. Whether you’re a novice or a pro in fashion, this guide does not require any effort but only the most basic items that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

You can apply this principle even to your most casual looks:

The Basic Wardrobe That Gives You Lazy Girl Style – T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers…That is easy! However, with a few styling tricks, you’ll get an upgrade in no time at all. For example, try wearing dark blue denim with a white t-shirty!

But, no one wants to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day! 2022 is filled with comfortable clothing options out there today! It’s too bad I am on a buying ban to save up for a house!

When creating an effortless style for the lazy one in all of us, things to remember!

  1. You don’t need to spend much! When it comes to effortless style, one of the biggest things to remember is that if you cannot afford an expensive designer piece or an even more expensive vintage find, then don’t stress yourself out! There are always ways around this problem.
  2. Shop at places where clothes are inexpensive! There’s nothing wrong with shopping at the 99 cent store or Goodwill. Stop overthinking it and get creative! Look around your house for items that
  3.  Don’t overthink it! You can create killer looks with the clothes you already own. Using what you have is a great way to experiment and use items that would otherwise be collecting dust in your closet. Layer, layer, layer upstyle from one item!
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix prints together. Just because you see them in magazines does not mean they won’t work for you.
  5. Feeling overwelmed? Start with your hair! When I am feeling off, I fix my hair and put on some make up. It always changes my mood. Don’t want to worry too muc habotu your hair, or shower? Wear a killer hat!
  6. Keep accessories to a minimum. You don’t want your look to be overwhelming.
  7. Get rid of anything that does not fit you well or something that is worn out! I know it sucks, but sometimes you just have to do it! Your closet will thank you for this one.


Here is what I would buy today for my carefree style, and each item can be dressed up or down!

Eden Button Front Skirt from Bohme

get it here

This amazing skirt can be worn traveling on the plane for ultimate comfort! Pair it with your favorite top to dress up or your favorite sweater to dress down! Great for warm weather and sandals, or ankle boots and leggings during the colder months!

Effortless style

ACDC Band Tee from Bohme

get it here

You can NEVER go wrong with a killer band t-shirt! Find your favorite Band T on E-bay or any online shop now adays has some great ones! It depends on if you want authenticity or not!

You can wear this sitting at home watching Netflix, wear it to bed, or out on the town! Dress it up with a skirt or a modern blazer! Check out this rad blazer!

Band T-shirts

Vero Moda Everleigh Sweater from Bohme

get it here

Sweaters are a staple in my wardrobe! I dig the stores for one that will be comfortable, flattering, and that I’ll love for years! It’s way too easy to buy the trendy thing, but it will only last a season. Buy something you will wear till it falls apart!

Crosby Relaxed Taper from Oliver Logan

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Jeans should be a staple in all wardrobes! And when you find a pair you LOVE to buy MULTIPLE! You never know when the fit will change, or when they will stop making them! These jeans come in beautiful colors and washes, and would be great year round!

Pehuea Lī ‘Ili from OluKai

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I have been SEARCHING for comfortable shoes that can be worn without socks and stylish! And I fell in love with these! Do yourself and get a few pairs! Along with some others they have! You won’t regret it!