How do we keep from getting sick while traveling?

Staying healthy while traveling is hard, right!? You’re on a whole different schedule, you are in a lot of public areas, and not sleeping enough. Staying healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be hard!

Here is exactly what we do to stay healthy!

The last thing you want is to get sick on your vacation!

Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

I stock on this throughout the year! As at weddings, there is always someone sick. And Justin bowls weekly where who knows if people wash their hands at the alley.

I buy in bulk so I can have something in every bag! So no matter where we are we have some. The wipes are for wiping down your tray and headrest on the plane! This you SHOULD totally be doing! They are rarely wiped down and who knows what’s on them!

Also, some campsites don’t have running water so these are super helpful for camping too! This spray smells sooo good!!!!

Take Vitamin C before & after the flight!

We want to make sure any germs that enter our bodies are fought off by an in shape immune system. So we make sure we pop some Airborne before and after the flight! We also take Echinacea and Elderberry daily while we are traveling.

These are so good! If you don’t want the chewable ones, they make a powder to pop in your drink.

Do not use the pillow or blankets they give you!

Those things may be in a bag, but most of the time they are not rewashed before putting back in those bags! I put them in the seats in front or behind me before sitting down! You should do this too!

Don’t drink the water!

Unless it’s bottled! But, you are better off bringing your own water bottle and filling it before getting on the plane!

Also, try not to have ice either as this can also be dirty. You can ask for a full can of soda and no ice or glass.

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What do you do while traveling that keeps you from getting sick!? Comment below!
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